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The closer the draft gets here the more I think its NOT Hightower.  Stephenson Sylvester gets every special teams tackle it seems and should get his shot.  Foote is still around and can back up Sylvester and Timmons.  I am thinking the Steelers hope Baron (S), Poe (NT) or Glenn (OG) fall to them.  If not they may trade back and take Kendricks (ILB).  The only question is do we want Baltimore to draft Hightower?  That could backfire.

3 years ago on Schefter Says Steelers Could 'Pounce' On DT On Draft Day


I am impressed with your research for a fan site. You arent just throwing out opinions that arent thoughtful. I am hopeful we (Steelers) draft Kellen Moore late in the draft to back up Ben. I think the BYU DT Hebron Fangupo is in the mix because they have had success in defensive linemen from BYU in the past. I like your Paulson, Van Bergen and Corp insight. I am still hopeful we get Poe or Baron in round 1. I think Stevenson Sylvester deserves a shot at the ILB job but I'll take Hightower.

3 years ago on Trading Out of Round 1, Should the Steelers Consider Moving? Part II With Abridged Mock Draft Scenarios