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@Why James .....Spielberg has money too...but he still has to ask Paramount to fund his movies

3 years ago on Sonic Memories


Just signed up!  see you on set if you're going!!

3 years ago on Be an Extra in the AVGN Movie!


The only way I will consider accepting this change is if whats alien is not the turtles themselves, but the ooze that mutates them....if the ooze instead comes from space instead of a lab then that could work.

However, I still dont see why a change is necessary in the first place

EVERYONE keep in mind: our childhoods are not being ruined!!  all the shows we all love from that time have not changed!! and will not. Not even MB & all his $ can take away your memories....dont be rediculous

3 years, 1 month ago on Michael Bay's TMNT from Outer Space?