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 @DavidSpinks FYI: I immediately regretted pushing publish while writing "Dave" - apologies all around, and really interesting ideas here. And definitely agreed: worthless product = no engagement.

3 years ago on The User Engagement Cycle


This is an interesting breakdown Dave, and I definitely agree - not a line but a cycle, very well illustrated. The User to Brand bit is that special, mystery sauce that everyone's trying to figure out, right? This is very dependent on the kinds of resources the brand is willing to allocate. For a tech or web-based product, this ranges from customer support (and with that, dedicated dev time to squash bugs, for example, and fast response times from agents), sales (providing seamless support from pre-sales to paid customer, with just as much attention at each level), community (interesting, relevant, and original shareable content on blogs, forums, social media, etc), and culture (relevance to people's daily lives, making the brand "personable" and "relate-able" - and often even balancing internal culture with it). You're 100% right: investing resources in these areas as need ramps up is as integral to the success of the product as having a "good product" is. I'd wager you can even have an average product, but if you had outstanding engagement and attention to user needs, you'd be set.

3 years, 1 month ago on The User Engagement Cycle