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That was some eloquently put argument, and it is a legitimate charge. But amidst all that calculation you forgot to quantify one thing: FANDOM. Oh wait, there is no way to do that. By no means is James likely to come up with a cinematic breakthrough that will be revered by critics and the masses alike. But for the FANS, the film is only as significant as the personal values we invest in it. That value might be $5 or $15 or even $39.95 in the blue-ray format. Okay, maybe $39.95 is pretty pricey (considering I already donated $200).


Anyway, to quantify fan input is to take the fun out of fandom. If you can't help him out, then just say "sorry, I can't". Even with the Indiegogo donations, there was the $1000 option. People didn't argue about how ridiculous that perk was, but instead, the people who couldn't afford to make such a large donation just chose to ignore it and make a more affordable one. It didn't hurt to ask though. Besides, there WERE some people who did make the $1000 donation. Now, who are you, or me, or anyone else to make a judgment call on either James or the donor? Beyond the $1000 financial value, there was the metaphysical value of mutual satisfaction between the artist and fan. You just can't put a dollar value to that. 


Another thing. You made statements like "325k is more than enough to complete your project" but that is entirely your subjective call for something that is totally contingent upon the unpredictable process of film making. You could've said the same thing when the Indiegogo budget reached just $10k or $20k. See, you just drew the line at $325k because that's where the donation stopped. If the Indiegogo went up to $1million, $325k would seem like NOTHING. 


Saying that he'll make a pure profit of $2,250,000 also has no explanatory power over whether or not James 'deserves' that profit. If I as a fan liked his finished product, then the 'pure profit' really doesn't matter to me. Yes, that's MY judgment call to make. And yours. :)


Of course, the movie might very well turn out to be a big disappointment but that doesn't negate the artist's right to appeal for help from his fans whose anticipation and excitement merits something a bit more than 'strictly-business' kind of attitude. When I made the $200 donation, implicit in the money was the qualitative element of my deep appreciation and gratitude towards AVGN as a fan. I'm sure I'm speaking on behalf of ALL of James' fans here.  


Does it really matter to you that he'd make profit for something that we will probably end up enjoying? Should this even register as an 'anomaly'? If James ends up being a multi-millionaire, I don't think I'll lose sleep over it.


My two cents :)

3 years, 1 month ago on AVGN Movie - Production help


I don't get some of the fans--assuming we're all fans here--who are so opposed to James' appeal for extra help. He's just trying to minimize the costs for filming, and I thought as FANS, we'd be the FIRST ones to understand him and be willing to help out. I've witnessed some terrible demonstrations of indifference on these boards by those few people who are 'disappointed'.  Really? Is THAT the depth of your fandom? Here I am, feeling jealous of all the AVGN fans living in LA who get the chance to not only MEET the man but HELP HIM OUT PERSONALLY, and you whiners are complaining that his request for a few fucking monitors is stepping over the line? MONITORS?!? Big fucking deal! 

3 years, 1 month ago on AVGN Movie - Production help