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Hi Leigh,

Interesting indeed :)

Yes, I can well imagine such a tweet making your day when you least expect it - congratulations for that! I loved your story and the way you traveled such a great deal - I didn't know that earlier. I do envy friends who manage to get away, or perhaps I've never had the chance to do so myself, other than the 15 odd days twice a year, when we visit my Dad - or a nearby place, but that's about all. It's never been to a different country or continent so far.

I guess when kids are young, you can still manage to getaway, because once they grow up, you need to see to their education, as in our case, they have regular schools, tests, and can't afford to miss them. Moreover, if either of the partners is working full-time, it becomes all the more tough. So many things stop you, don't they? Yet, those who want to will always find a way :)

Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

1 month ago on How telling your story empowers you! Plus, I’ll tell you mine.