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Is Chicago the next Detroit?  Could be.  I'm from Detroit and slowly I see a pattern.  I see the outter neighborhoods, esp. the South side being abandoned by its core citizens, Blacks, and I see empty storefronts in the neighborhoods, everywhere.  If you go to the northside, there are vacant storefronts, and go downtown, businesses are closing (Eddie Bauer, Filene's, et al).  I applaud the mayor for trying to stop the bleeding.

I've never understood why pensioners get a COLA.  If it was a private pension they wouldn't get COLA.  Is this in a contract?

5 days, 8 hours ago on Only in Illinois: Quinn’s big pension decision


The one thing I hate is for the legislators to state the tax is "temporary" when they know doggone well it's permanent.  Say it up front.

3 weeks ago on Quinn to propose making 2011 tax increase permanent in budget speech