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Where do I begin? 

Philip Rivers has already played his best football?!? I guess by that logic we can say that Brees, Brady and Manning should have retired long ago. Rivers had an incredible year, leading the NFL in pass completion % and finding the fountain of youth under McCoy's and Whisenhunt's direction. This year should be even better with Franck Reich taking over for Whisenhunt's questionable play calling (now something the Titans have to worry about.)

Our three headed beast of a running game could be the NFL's best. Mathews finally lost the fumble-itis that plagued him for the majority of his career. Danny Woodhead proved to be River's best safety valve since the last Charger Mighty Mite, Darren Sproles was let go by AJ Smith. Always picks up the blitz, always fights for extra yards and seemingly, always picks up the first down. But let's not forget D Brown who had his best year in Indy last year. Finally learned how to pick up the blitz and, according to Pro Football Focus "Brown calculated out as the most elusive back last year with at least 100 touches. He also was one of the biggest breakaway threats, achieving eight runs of 15 yards or more and 40% of his total yards on those runs." 

Malcolm Floyd appears to be healthy and will be the #1 or #2 receiver. If he and Eddie Royal can stay healthy, if V Brown can improve just a bit and if Tevin Reese can learn to run a route so he can use that incredible speed to stretch the field to make Keenan's, Old Man Gates and secret superstar Ladarius Greene's  jobs even easier. Rivers should have his best year yet.

Everyone told us that King Dunlap was terrible. Again, Pro Football Focus had him in the top 3 run blockers in the entire NFL. Also, everyone kept saying it was too bad that Lane Johnson was gone and that SD had to "settle" for RT DJ Flucker. While Lane serves his suspension DJ will be plying his trade. Nasty country boy gone wild! Everyone in SD loves DJ and the feeling is mutual. Oh, and BTW, I hate Jeromey Clary as much as most Bolt fans but have the decency to at least get his name right!

But the worst offense of this article was not even mentioning Dwight Freeney or Brandon Flowers. Those two are the main reasons for optimism in SD. Our secondary blew chunks last year. Enter Brandon Flowers who had a dismal year under Bob Sutton's new scheme. Flowers is a perfect fit for Pagano's off coverage D. Last year's starter at CB, Richard Marshall, might not even make the team. And Freeney is looking as good as he ever has. The main reason our secondary played so badly last year was the lack of pressure due to Ingram's and Freeney's absence. Having those two back will make the Charger's defense the most improved in the league. 

Even with the new coaches and the key injuries the Chargers made it to the playoffs and gave Denver all they could handle. Why should we settle for second?

This article was a complete afterthought. It is not worthy of being an article in the National Football Post. The NFL Network already treats us as bums. Don't you guys, too.

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Shocked and disappointed because they didn't cut the other players in time for the Saint's to offer him a contract and Franchise Tagging him instead?

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Translation: Sign for us on the cheap or your out of here. Is this NFP or the Denver front office talking?

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By THEY said you also mean YOU, right? You, along with every single member of the national AND local media, have been so down on the Chargers that no one noticed what the Bolts were building down here in the Southwest corner of the continental U. S. 

The first thing US CHARGER FANS noticed was that Rivers was back because he actually had a good O-line in front of him. King Dunlap has thrived in Joe D'Alessandris' scheme. Great pick up by Telesco. DJ Flucker, who I thought was a TERRIBLE pick at the time, proved me and the national media wrong. If not for the stint at LT, because of Dunlap's injuries, he would have been a top ten Tackle (according to PFF). But where he really shines is in the locker room. He brings a certain effusiveness that the rest of the Chargers lack. Very addictive. And he also has a mean streak in him that we haven't seen in our O-line since Dielman retired. While Chad Rhinehart has been steady at LG the only weakness that is left in the line is RG Jeromey Clary, a weakness that will be replaced by Johnnie Troutman, Rich Ohrnberger or a future draft pick. That being said, from week 2 to week 12 these guys were shuffling their lineup every week because of injuries.

That line has also helped Ryan Mathews to his second 1,000+ yard season. Instead of no running lanes all Ryan has had to do is pick and choose which one he'll run through and even if there are no running lanes he still has had a better knack at getting positive yards out of a play. And now we get to Danny Woodhead. What joy Philip Rivers must feel to see a mighty mite back in our backfield. He reminds us of our ex-back that went down to New Orleans. Danny is simply a football player. Always picks up the blitz, always picks ups extra yards when there are none and almost always picks up the first down. 

And while you mentioned the loss of Floyd, you forgot to mention the loss of Danario Alexander, last year's #2 receiver. No problem for Philip because, as he has shown in the past, given time he can find anyone. At the beginning of the season it was Eddie Royal. Since Floyd went down he has depended more and more on our amazing OROY candidate Keenan Allen. And when that fails he can go to either the trusty Antonio Gates, who still gets double teamed a majority of the time, or the up and coming Ladarius Greene. I expect next year to be a full blown coming out party for Ladarius. And although Vincent Brown hasn't had the breakout year most of us fans expected he has come up with some big plays all year.

And what about our beleaguered Defense? First and foremost injuries. Just after the draft we lose our promising young OLB Melvin Ingram for the season or so we believe. Our stud of a D-lineman Corey Luiget gets hurt in the preseason game vs. Chicago and still isn't 100%, if you ask me. While Telesco hustles to get Dwight Freeney off the FA market to replace Melvin, he soon goes down to injury himself. With Luiget hurt and the likes of Antonio Garay and Jaques Caseaire let go because of cap issues our D-line struggles mightily. While Takeo Spikes was let go in favor of draft pick Manti Te'o, Manti is hurt at the beginning of the season and starts out WAY behind in the learning curve. Then Shareece Wright, Donald Butler and Jarret Johnson get hurt and miss portions of the season and Cam Thomas, Kendall Reyes, Daryl Stuckey and Marcus Gilchrist go through their own growing pains. Even Eric Weddle begins the season like a chicken with his head cut off trying to cover too many things at once. Players off the street, such as Richard Marshall, Crezdon Butler, Reggie Walker and Thomas Keiser are given starting roles at various points in the season. So far, a recipe for disaster. And it was, it was.

Fast forward to week 13. Our O-line is finally the original 5 that were penciled in at the beginning of the season. Manti, who seemed a step slow at the combine and in our defense, is starting to show flashes of what he was in college. Still not there yet, though. Butler and Johnson get over their injuries and are together again. Wright is healthy again and the secondary, which now adds UFA Jahleel Addae to the mix on a regular basis, starts to play better. Keiser, Lissomore and Reggie Walker are  now permanent parts of the mix. But the straw that stirs the drink seems to be the unexpected return of Melvin Ingram. Incredible job by this young man to get back on the field on such a short span of time. While he only has 1 sack since his return it's amazing what his pressure on the QB means to the defense. The defense is now getting more three and outs and turnovers. Our secondary no longer has to cover receivers for 4-6 seconds on every play. Pagano can finally use that defensive imagination of his now that he has the pieces to play with.

Mike McCoy, while none of us seem to like his play calling or game management at end of games, is the Real McCoy. He has not wavered in the way he has coached since day 1. Players need a coach they can believe in and they have clearly gone all in with Mike. Although he'll never be a Rex Ryan at the podium, he still is a step up from Norv.

While Mike McCoy has certainly been a breath of fresh air, could any of this happened without Tom Telesco? I think not. He certainly knocked it out of the ballpark as far as the draft goes and we still haven't seen Stevie Williams because of him being placed on IR in the preseason. He has also brought an openness and lack of ego to the GM position that the Bolts were sadly lacking the last 7-8 years. Without Tom Terrific this does not happen.  

So, are we a complete team? Not even close. We have holes you can drive a fleet full of Hummers through in ur roster. Will we roll over Denver? Also, probably not (although I give the Chargers a better shot at it than most). And even if the Bolts beat the Donkeys the national and local media will start talking about Peyton's 9th one and done more than they will about the team no one respects.

And that's fine with my Bolts. Just like Joe says.

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...says the guy who was PFF's worst rated OLB against the run in 2012.

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I wonder why nobody asked him if he ever used amphetamines?

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Get used to feeling disappointed, Rex. You're going to feel like that a lot this year.

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Best mock I've seen. Of course, any mock that has Eric Fischer going to the Bolts would be my favorite mock.

1 year, 4 months ago on NFP Mock Draft - Version 9.0 | National Football Post


Shocking how his career was never the same after Fisher, Williams and Mawae decided to take him out.

1 year, 4 months ago on Merriman announces retirement | National Football Post


Chance Warmack is way to good a player to wind up all the way down to the Cowboys. If he's available at 11 the Chargers will leap at the chance to get him.

1 year, 5 months ago on NFP Mock Draft - Version 6.0 | National Football Post


It appears Dean Spanos (with a little help from Ron Wolf) has finally dragged the entire Charger organization into the 20th century.

1 year, 5 months ago on Friday Buzz: Titus Young, Michael Vick and more | National Football Post


Ha! You should call this article The Spin Zone! 

1 year, 6 months ago on Friday Buzz: Coaching carousel spins | National Football Post


Incredible that we all have to listen to all the hyperbole for the last 4 years about Rex "Happy Feet" Ryan and how he and his happy cast of Jets are just "different". I still remember last year when NFP breathlessly reported that they were trying to find out what Rex tattooed on his leg. Why isn't Rex being held accountable for all of this? Isn't he supposed to be a defensive genius who can do wonders with anyone in the lineup? Shouldn't he shoulder the blame for his locker room's implosion? THAT would make for some interesting reading instead of this mess of an article.


BTW-Comparing Mark Sanchez to President Barrack Obama has to go down as THE most idiotic illustration by similitude in the history of NFP.

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Great news! He deserves every penny.

1 year, 10 months ago on Chargers give Floyd three-year extension | National Football Post


Jerry Jones should use some of his clout to tell his employee Goddel to make a deal with the refs.

1 year, 10 months ago on Jerry Jones wants kneel-downs outlawed | National Football Post


Shouldn't the headline be Raiders Let 2011 3rd Round Draft Pick Go

1 year, 10 months ago on Raiders sign veteran cornerback Hanson | National Football Post


 @MrMurder What you said. BTW- You can only get this kind of article here, at NFP.

1 year, 11 months ago on The Agent vs. The Cap Manager | National Football Post


The Jets should have to play themselves 16 times this year. After all, they're the only team in the NFL, thanks to all their recent success. - Nick Canepa

1 year, 11 months ago on Tired of fights, Jets head out for movie night | National Football Post


 @r w  Thanks for the correction. Didn't know about Merriman.

2 years ago on Has the window closed on the Chargers? | National Football Post


 @r w  True fans are always positive about their teams chances. The truth of the matter is their are always new teams in the playoffs every year. The Raiders, Chiefs and Chargers have a better shot than most to be one of those teams.

2 years ago on Has the window closed on the Chargers? | National Football Post


 @r w  Well, I totally ignored that the Raiders have by far the best defensive line in the division but I was trying to make a case for the Chargers winning the division so that point was better left unsaid.

2 years ago on Has the window closed on the Chargers? | National Football Post


The Chargers are nobodies favorite to win the AFC West and that's okay with me. For them to be favorites people need to dig deeper into last season and the offseason acquisitions.


Although they didn't get off to their normally bad start injuries to former All Pros Dielman (career ending) and McNeil (possibly career ending) contributed to their 6-game midseason slide. However, even before those injuries neither was playing up to their former All Pro standards. Thankfully, Todd Haley decided to cut Gaither because of a stupid penalty. Back issues seemingly behind him, Gaither took over the LT spot for McNeil and Tyronne Greene, a 2009 4th round selection, slid over to Dielman's spot at LG. They both did an incredible job that directly led to the Boltz 4-1 finish. Rivers finally had protection and a QB rating of 118.4 over those games to prove it. 


Yes, the Chargers lost Vincent Jackson but I think that's a good thing. Teams could play their secondary deeper, especially at the beginning of the year when Gates' foot problem was at it's worst. Floyd was forced to go over the middle, because VJ simply wouldn't, but you could see that he wasn't comfortable doing that. When Gate's foot got better so did the Charger's offense. While last year Antonio was basically practicing 1 day a week or not at all, he practiced every day during the Charger's OTA's. Even if his foot problems reappear, Gates will not be alone going over the middle anymore. Enter Eddie Royal. He will finally have a QB that can get him the ball the way Jay Cutler did in Denver before Josh McDaniels sent Jay packing. Vincent Brown, the 3rd round pick in 2011, also showed some flashes of being a great route runner. While Robert Meachem is certainly not 6'5" like Vincent was, he automatically becomes the fastest receiver that River's has ever had. I can't wait for Rivers to have Mathews in the backfield, Gates and Royal to prowl the middle of the field and Meachem and Floyd to stretch the field. Norv is probably salivating at the possibilities. Add to that the very dependable McMichael and project Ladarius Greene spelling Gate's and the Chargers will have the deepest receiver/TE class that the Boltz have had in a long time.


Although I'll miss Tolbert and how he ran through opponent's secondaries I will not miss him trying to run over LB's and suffering 2 concussions because of his rushing style. Ryan Mathews had a spectacular season last year. Over a 1,000 rushing and 50 catches receiving and that was with Tolbert taking away way to many touches from him. Yes, he had fumbles but 4 of the 5 fumbles were after he broke his hand in the game against the Jets. Ryan will also have the 260-pound Le'Ron McClain opening holes for him out of the backfield. The reliable Jacob Hester will now be the backup and ST's guy. Ronnie Brown, Jackie Battle and the rest will battle for the backup running spot behind Mathews.


The Chargers had the worst 3rd down defense last year. But what does that mean? The Bolts had an average pass defense but they had an even worse run defense. 3rd down for other teams against the Boltz usually meant 3rd and short. Jarrett Johnson was acquired in FA to alleviate this problem. When that FA signing was announced not much was said. But then every single analyst who used to be a defensive player loved the signing. Their was an almost universal consensus that JJ was one of the unsung heroes of the Raven defense. While Takeo was brought in last year for his leadership Donald Butler was the true revelation. After missing his rookie season to a heel injury he proved his worth during the season. Teams actually started running toward Takeo's side of the field towards the end of the season. If Jonas Mouton can contribute anything at all after missing all of 2011 it will be a plus.


The reason that Cason and Jammer looked so bad last year was that teams had forever to throw. Those two, along with Marcus Gilchrist, the 2011 2nd round pick who had 2 interceptions despite VERY limited play time, should be able to get back to form if the defense can generate some pass rush.


Teams simply stopped throwing in the directionof Pro Bowler Eric "Warren Sapp Can't Pick Him Out of a Lineup" Weddle. Steve "a step to slow" Gregory was let go and Atari Digby was acquired to play alongside Weddle. However, if reports are correct out of the OTA's Digby will have a battle on his hands to beat out 2012 3rd round pick LSU's Brandon Taylor. This group should be improved just for the fact that I rate Digby better than Gregory. If we can get a pass rush our secondary should be stellar.


So, to me, our defense will come down to what kind of pass rush we can muster this year. Only one pass rusher impressed me before the draft and his name was Melvin Ingram. Of course, nobody thought that he would be available when the Charger's pick at 18 came up. Thanks to the Seahawks and Jets he was.  IMHO, this kid has what it takes to fill out the OLB spot that hasn't been filled properly since Shawne Merriman's knee was destroyed by the Greg Williams' led Titans defense, oh so long ago. 


As far as the DL line is concerned things appear to be on the upside. While Antonio Garay was signed after testing the waters of FA, his signing wasn't a priority to the Boltz. This was because of the improvement of 5th round steal Cam Thomas. I believe Cold Hard Football Facts called him the Chargers "Diamond in the Rough." Reports out of Charger OTA's that Kendall Reyes was all that and a bag of chips appear to be true since the Boltz just let go of Luis Castillo 2 days ago. Corey Luiget, 2011 1st round, will have a year under his belt that he sorely needed to learn the position after he was thrown into the fire early because of Castillo'a broken leg. Add to that Aubrayu Franklin back in the 3-4 he excels in, the dependable backup who was a starter last year Jacques Cesaire, and Vaughn Martin, the Canadian project who seems to be hitting his stride.


And what about their competition?

While everyone seems to be high on the Raiders offense (even though they have a porcelain doll at RB and lost his very dependable backup) their 28th ranked defense lost their best LB in WImbley and their best CB in Routt.

KC has the opposite problem. While their defense is stellar they still have Matt Cassel at QB. What kind of QB can't throw for over 200 yards against a winning team last year? That's right, Matt Cassel. Yes, I love KC's acquisitions, I love their personnel and their GM has definitely been doing all the right things to make KC into a contender. But as long as they have Cassel I do not think they will get over the hump like they did in 2010.

Denver? Over rated. Yes, Miller and Dumervil are great. And? Everyone loves to knock the Charger defense but seem to forget that they actually rated higher than the media darling Bronco defense. Let's not forget that their defense lost their best DL player in Broderick Bunkley and replaced him with....  Even their 2nd round pick Derick Wolfe was a head scratcher. NFP had him rated as the 17th best DE on the board. Now, if Peyton Manning can replicate the success he had in Indy more power to him. I just don't think that a player that is 36 and has had 4 neck operations since he last played on 2010 will have the incredible season that everyone thinks he will. Add the schedule that they will face in the first part of the season and the Broncos just might be 1-3 when the Chargers play them in SD.


So to answer your question, yes,  I'm more than certain that the Boltz made the right moves to return to dominance in the AFC West.



2 years ago on Has the window closed on the Chargers? | National Football Post


No matter how poorly the faders do every year, they are always some idiots favorite in June. Same old song and dance.

2 years ago on A west coast surprise? | National Football Post


It'll be great to actually have an announcer that likes the Boltz calling the game.

2 years, 1 month ago on Berman, Dilfer to call second Monday Night game | National Football Post


Ditto. I loved Vick in college. Swore I would never watch the Boltz again. I try to remember that moment every draft day.

2 years, 1 month ago on 2001 NFL Draft, I Wanted Michael Vick Over Ladainian Tomlinson


Thanks for giving me some of my best Charger memories, LT.We should all wear our LT jersey's on Monday in honor of his retirement. 





I'm sure there are people out there who think is somehow Roger Goddell's fault too.

2 years, 1 month ago on Jury orders Pacman to pay $11.6 million in damages | National Football Post


Tebob?!? Really? I'd rather know if Tuesday's mini-camp is open to the public.

2 years, 1 month ago on Morning Dump


I am really naive when it comes to my football "heroes". But I think the last straw was Drew Brees. Although he's a Saint now I have followed his career since he was a Charger. I was genuinely happy for him that he won the Super Bowl. Then when the suspensions came down on the Saints players I remember him tweeting out that he wanted some answers as to why. Made me wonder if Roger Godell knew what the hell he was doing. When I learned later that Drew not only knew about the recording of a vicious motivational speech by ex-Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and even had a hand in when it was going to come out my jaw dropped for the last time. If a player like Drew is full of it I am glad that Roger Godell has that much power. I hope the suspensions are upheld so these players and coaches will know that there is someone watching over them because they simply can't be believed and much less trusted.

2 years, 1 month ago on Lawyer says evidence from NFL doesn't prove Vilma's guilt | National Football Post


Why would Baldy or anybody on the networks rate us higher? They spend the majority of the time talking about Tebow and Sanchez, Jerry Jones' belief that the Cowboys are Super Bowl contenders and how they can make out the outline of a halo around Peyton Manning's neck. They throw us an inconsequential bone now and then and anybody who follows the team knows that they haven't done their homework. I hope that they and the rest of the league continues to overlook us. Anything to give us an advantage is alright by me.

2 years, 1 month ago on Baldinger Says Chargers Not Favorites To Win The West


Just the fact that all the other 31 teams have passed on him speaks volumes. Loved McNeil and the stalwart job he did with us but I think his condition is going to get worse not better. Wish the best of luck and health to the man.

2 years, 1 month ago on Should The Chargers Bring Back Marcus McNeill?


 @BrandonReisinger Darren McFadden is rated higher than Philip Rivers?!?  The list is a joke, doesn't matter that the players made these picks.

2 years, 2 months ago on Hello...A.J....Are You There?


Is it true that Tebow and Charlie Whitehurst are going to have at it ala the UFC. Any truth to that rumor?

2 years, 2 months ago on Tim Tebow At Qualcomm On Father's Day


 @nsorens13 Last year Sapp said he couldn't pick Weddle out of a line up. He went on to become All Pro material. So, logic would tell us that if he's saying Rivers will not find success because of his arrogance should we expect this to be Philip's MVP year? Thanks, Warren.

2 years, 2 months ago on Warren Sapp Comments On Philip Rivers Rank.


Darren Smith asked him today if he was offered a contract by the Chargers if he would play for them. LT answer was that he was "95% retired". Translation: Boltz aren't one of the 2 or 3 teams he would consider playing for. 

2 years, 2 months ago on L.T. A Bolt For One More Season?


Jail time and a suspension for raider's second best tackler. Sweet!!!!

2 years, 2 months ago on Raiders LB Rolando McClain Sentenced To 180 Days In Jail