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Really seeing the Emotional / Relationship Marketing focus across the blogs nowadays. This was well done, and I saw another one by Brooke Ballard and another by Steve Goldner.

Then Ken Mueller wrote one where he expressed the difference between building community and building a "sense of community". If brands focus on that "sense of community" then they will strike the right balance of relationship...more than "I've heard of you" and still less than "you are creepin' me out!"

Didn't David Lee Roth have a relationship with his teacher...I think the clock is SLOOOOW?

2 days, 8 hours ago on Social Media and Brand Relationships: The Big Lie


@JoeCardillo @dbvickery @RebeccaTodd  One of those memorable Hangouts where @AmyMccTobin and I were talking red wine...and @hessiejones mentioned white wine, but then said she was drinking milk...and was struggling to tell the difference.

Perhaps it was the milk wine you googled? That's why I'll stick to my reds, thank you.

2 days, 12 hours ago on Online Integrity: Are You Who You Say You Are?


Does participating in cool Google+ Hangouts, with wine and milk, count as meeting in person? We've had some candid discussions, with differing opinions, and we've come away better for it.

Great post, Hessie. I still value so many people that often appear in the comment section of this blog...and I know that I am unlikely to meet many of them face-to-face. However, nobody is tooting their guru horn here, so that helps.

4 days, 2 hours ago on Online Integrity: Are You Who You Say You Are?


@Howie Goldfarb @bdorman264  Hah! Actually, ProKarma is co-headquartered in Omaha and Portland. And the Denver development center is slightly larger than Seattle's.

So Denver - For.The.Win! Even if the Omaha offices are the largest in the's Omaha, c'mon. We have mountains and Manning!

As for Pulse Athletics - yep, it is a social listening tool. Universities (and pro teams or agencies managing reputations for multiple clients) can monitor the online behavior of their student athletes. It makes for a pretty cool demo...and a tad bit scary for every parent who knows their kids aren't always "little angels" on their social profiles.

5 days, 9 hours ago on Belated Big Reveal – Mantis a ProKarma Company


@Shonali  Thanks, Shonali. I've been blessed...been lucky...had a great wife and family (my Vickery Girls) through the whole journey. I am VERY excited about the combined companies' capabilities. And bonus...the culture is very friendly, so I've already had some outright fun working with several ProKarma folks.

6 days, 6 hours ago on Belated Big Reveal – Mantis a ProKarma Company


@DwayneAlicie  Thanks, Dwayne. Just like "business spin", I had the "Spin Sucks" action on the tennis court tonight.

Keep it real, act swiftly, and NEVER go down the road of spinning the truth in business communications.

2 weeks, 2 days ago on Spin Sucks – Unless you are a tennis ball


I always give the example of my recent TV purchase:

1. I Google first, and then read consumer/blogger reviews

2. I hit the Best Buy, Amazon, and perhaps Walmart sites to read user reviews

3. I reach out to my social circles with the brands/models that I've sub-selected - to get their 1st person experiences.

4. I decide to buy from a big box store, but I go into a smaller store to check their inventory (I already reviewed their website), and I check-in to Foursquare and cross-post to Twitter.

5. The store reaches out to me and offers assistance. I tweet back that I already have a special deal w/the big box, and I know it isn't realistic to expect them to match. They courteously reply "just let us know how we can help".

6. I buy from the smaller store...

2 weeks, 4 days ago on SoLoMo – Disruptions and Opportunities in Customer Acquisition


Doug, I enjoyed the interview and its casual format. I hope folks enjoy listening in on the conversation.

Meanwhile, stay curious, my friend...and ALWAYS listen!

3 weeks, 5 days ago on [Interview] Brian Vickery of Mantis Technology Group on Big Data and the Rise of Social Media Monitoring in Business


Speaking my language - and it truly starts out with #1 (umm, after you know you can count on the reliability and "data quality" itself...gotta have strong data governance). And it just gets more powerful if you can integrate internal data with the abundance of external, unstructured data available through social and review sites.

3 weeks, 6 days ago on Data: Five Improvements Every CMO Needs to Make


@Shonali @dbvickery  I think I'm making progress towards meeting those dreams. And I'll have a big announcement towards one of those dreams after April 4th *AND* one of those Vickery Girls is giving me another grandson in mid-April.

I'm smiling more, but I could still work on the serving more.

How about you, Shonali? It HAS been awhile, and I know you've had an eventful open to 2014.

4 weeks, 1 day ago on 6 Vickery Dreams Headed Into 2014


Love the journey, Hessie. And as an executive in a B2B, in a "heavy into technology but oblivious to social" world, I can appreciate it. My efforts are just trying to ensure we are at the forefront of the adoption for our particular sector. I have really appreciated my internal thought leaders stepping up and blogging about their respective fields. I hope that helps a lot of readers - and ultimately helps our bottom line as people come to trust us.

And I feel that several of us talked about this journey over red wine, or was that white wine, or was that milk? I'm confused...well, somebody was confused because I felt fine.

1 month, 1 week ago on My Search for Social Validation