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This was a great read and I'm glad everyone had a great time at this event. :)

Thanks for the post!

2 hours, 6 minutes ago on BB&W Special Guest Dishes on Her Experience at a Black Woman/Asian Man Dating Event


@Brenda55 @_Toni_  I have been so busy, but when I saw these comments in my inbox just now...Wow.

I'm amazed anyone went to such lengths to engage this sad individual.

In fact, given the extent of her validation-seeking behaviors, I think she's basically crying out for attention and affection and she's mad at us for making it clear she wouldn't be getting it.

I don't know why she honestly expects black women who are in a happier place mentally and emotionally to feel threatened by her words.

Once I read her comments all I felt was a combination of pity and disappointment.

12 hours, 47 minutes ago on RANT: I Am So SICK of Black Women Throwing THEMSELVES Under the Bus…



I am at my limit for suffering fools.

Don'tmakemeover, you are acting a fool and you need to know it if you don't already.

A woman with self-worth and self-validating behaviors does not go onto so called black empowerment sites trying to beg black men to see her as an ally. 

Those men will NEVER see you as an equal. They will never value you. You can die tomorrow. They will not mourn you. You can shout at us all you want to, you can accuse us of every kind of crime, but this will never change.

I am sorry that you refuse to see this, but I have no desire to expend energy making someone like you see reason: A black women desperate to be loved by the kind of black men who won't love her.

I will take your word for it when you say you are married and I will not speculate about your personal life. But I have to wonder at people who react so viscerally to strangers on the internet, men and women, the way you do.

That type of response does not come from a place of emotional stability and certainty. You are lacking something, and I can honestly say, you aren't going to get it here, ranting at us.

This community is meant to help people who are open minded with open hearts who are seeking love and to give love.

Honey, the only thing you're seeking is permission for men who don't love you to keep spitting on you. And you're angry that we won't give it to you.

The sad part is we won't give it to you because who you are as a human being is more valued among the women here than by yourself.

You need to get a grip and get a sense of self-worth and stop trolling the internet, seeking validation from sources from where it is not coming.

I will pray for you...but I won't be losing sleep over your blatant decision to not put yourself first.

Only you can do that, hon.


12 hours, 50 minutes ago on RANT: I Am So SICK of Black Women Throwing THEMSELVES Under the Bus…


I have been on an extended hiatus for the most part due to my freelance writing work, so I haven't really had a chance to comment the way I like to in a looong time.

But THIS? When I read this post and the comments below, I had to make time.

One the one hand, I pity this woman. Yes, if you are still lurking on this site all salty "Don'tmakemeover", know you are in my prayers. I am not bothered by you removing yourself from contention for non-black men.

(In fact, I never understood who these women thought they were hurting by crowding  around a shrinking pool in defiance. 

Like...okay "one less black chick in the way", thank you for your continued efforts to make my mating pursuits that much easier. O_o)

I'm not even bothered by your word vomit of fear and ignorance regarding how black women who don't cape for black men function. It's just a sign that you are indoctrinated to disassociate from your gender and race and be validated as a second hand human being through black men.

Which is why you spent your time begging for their approval in their space.

You let yourself get spit virtually spit on "out of love". You are pitiful, and therefore pitiable. 


12 hours, 57 minutes ago on RANT: I Am So SICK of Black Women Throwing THEMSELVES Under the Bus…


@smartacus  I never got this because he always sounded like a white guy to me. Just a white guy with a deep voice.

The most surprising thing to me was how he looked. The voice certainly didn't match the face. LOL.

18 hours, 51 minutes ago on WTF Another White Artist Who Sounds Like a Black Dude!


I have had Sam Smith's "Lay Me Down (Acoustic)" on repeat for ages now. 

He sounds amazing.

18 hours, 53 minutes ago on WTF Another White Artist Who Sounds Like a Black Dude!


I am seeing more BW/non-BM relationships in my small corner of the middle of nowhere. If I'm seeing it here, it's happening everywhere.

It's an inevitability that some black women will dedicate more time to finding their happiness regardless of what other people feel they are entitled to than others.

While some black women are sitting around moping, waiting for the world to approve of their unique beauty, feeling like nothing "because black men and white women _____", other black women are getting their life.

Not everyone is going to get what they want in life because they spend entirely too much time waiting for validation that isn't coming because it's not in the best interest of certain groups and organizations to validate them.

I look at this video and shrug because it simply does not define my INDIVIDUAL reality. In the end, that is what's relevant. Guess what?

YOU define your individual reality. YOU and not random surveys, studies, videos, and YouTube commenters.

I am one woman with one vagina. I am not trying to have the entire world of men love me. I don't have that kind of time and I certainly don't have that kind of energy.

Continue to seek love from directions where it is willingly forthcoming, ladies. You will find it. o/

2 weeks ago on Buzzfeed Does Creative Video On Who’s Most Interested in Interracial Dating. What’s Your Take?


This person is mentally and emotionally disturbed. Not to mention ultra-narcissistic.

I give no weight to anything she says. She's famous for trying to look like a plastic toy and live off of oxygen.

That in and of itself is sad, and so is she.

2 weeks, 2 days ago on WTF?! Human “Barbie” Claims Women are Less Beautiful Because of “Race Mixing”


@Geekette221B  I am laughing because I ended up plastering EVERY INCH of my bedroom walls with white boy bands.

I think it was a form of psychological rebellion: I liked what I liked and I dared anyone to stop me.

Nobody did...but it was kinda creepy always having eyes on me. LOL.

3 weeks, 1 day ago on The Picture That Changed My Life


@LadyHumor  Seeing as these men hate women and abide by the stereotype where "Asian men are effeminate", it's no surprising that they hate them, too. If only as an extension of their own hyper-misogyny. 

3 weeks, 3 days ago on White Feminist Pretending To Be “Concerned” for Asian Women Marrying White Men…Yeah Right!


@annyjay400  "I even overheard one of the WW say who comes to Costco in a dress and pearls? "

As someone who goes grocery shopping while wearing pearls and hair flowers I have to laugh.

What happened to people being able to dress in the way that makes them happy? 

3 weeks, 3 days ago on White Feminist Pretending To Be “Concerned” for Asian Women Marrying White Men…Yeah Right!


@Brenda55  Brenda, people CIRCLED THE WAGONS in defense of this troll. 

They did this even as it was being revealed that the individual is not remotely feminist.

Therefore, there's a good chance.

I mean I am sitting here stunned at what I've read "in defense" of these articles.

It's like people don't want to admit that what's there is wrong, even if the source of the material is an enemy to everything they claim to believe!

I think this goes far beyond the scope of Willie Lynch. Sensible individuals could tell that letter was not genuine.

These articles and the sentiments behind them not only fooled an entire community of people, you have people fighting tooth and nail to validate their presence on the site even with it being the work of an MRA teenage troll.

That is scary.

3 weeks, 3 days ago on White Feminist Pretending To Be “Concerned” for Asian Women Marrying White Men…Yeah Right!


By the way never fear: I think it will be a cold day in Hell before the likes of any black woman-hating troll gets a chance to post anything on this site...

3 weeks, 3 days ago on White Feminist Pretending To Be “Concerned” for Asian Women Marrying White Men…Yeah Right!


A situation is developing as to the true nature of this article. Some people are claiming that it's a MRA troll behind it. 

I'll dig deeper but even so, I'd like this article to stand because the attitude is real, the behavior is real, and as I said it's only a matter of time before black women are the target of this two-faced idiocy.

Also it's why I didn't bother to slander all white women; I addressed a very specific group of people. I'm not too worried about "mistaken identity" in situations like this because hit dogs often holler.

As with BM, if WW aren't pulling rank on black women or any other women, they won't feel called out by articles that address privilege/entitlement issues and the attempts to concern troll the dating habits of black women.

What's especially interesting is that Thought Catalog saw fit to let the articles written by this person stay up on their website.

In fact, the whole "It's really a feminist-hating male troll" thing didn't pop up until after hellfire rained down on this site over the content.

What does it say about the people running this site where something like this, something so blatantly racist, can be posted and then left up under the "well we thought it was funny" banner when it's clear that the person who wrote it themselves meant to make THEIR SITE look stupid?

That would be like us floating an article written by Tommy Sotomayor as satire and wondering why you were all so mad!

I especially appreciate Zoe Liu's response to this developing situation:

I think it's sad these women thought they had a safe haven to express their ideas and then found out that the site owners are more interested in page views and attention than protecting the integrity of their site and their community.

These members, especially Asian women, got thrown under the damn bus. 

This is why we moderate....

3 weeks, 3 days ago on White Feminist Pretending To Be “Concerned” for Asian Women Marrying White Men…Yeah Right!


@TiaMonae  As I said, I am not worried about all WW. Just the passive aggressive losers who latch on to other women and hate on them under the guise of "I'm looking out for you".

This nonsense is all too real.

The best defense for dealing with people like this is to deal with them as individuals and force them to own their stupidity (or embarrass them to the point where they say nothing else to you).

These people tend to have a "victim mentality" so they latch onto black women under the assumption we walk around declaring ourselves victims as well.

This is one reason why I never ally myself with other people under the banner of "I have been wronged." 

3 weeks, 3 days ago on White Feminist Pretending To Be “Concerned” for Asian Women Marrying White Men…Yeah Right!



She admits that she had to write a follow-up (but really...she could have kept it) because she didn't expect her racist rant to go viral.

I expect had she not had her rear end kicked across the carpet, the original article would have stood with no attempt to paint it as satirical made by anyone.

3 weeks, 3 days ago on White Feminist Pretending To Be “Concerned” for Asian Women Marrying White Men…Yeah Right!


I keep hearing that this is "badly written satire" but I'm not buying it. I think this is a case where someone passively aggressively acted out against a group (Asians) and then tried to back-pedal.

Also, it's clear this woman wanted to hurt Asian women. That's why she attacked their status as women, she attacked the color of their skin, shape of their eyes, etc. She painted them as unlovable sex objects (except in the eyes of Asian men, because that's "normal").

She did exactly what people who hate black women and the idea of any non-black man who find us desirable attempt to do to us: Try to turn us into a so-called fetish in order to undermine our confidence in our ability to be loved as women.

I think that's why despite this not being directed at black women, I think it's a valuable tool in recognizing what's under the mask of some so-called allies.

Some black women have bought into the "we're all sisters" meme hook, line, and sinker and while they're able to see black men coming, do not see women like this coming. They may stifle their own happiness in order to please jealous heifers like this because they honestly think these twits know what's best.

Now, Anne is an exception in that she's too young to know how to be subtle with her approach. She let it all hang out. 

Some women are going to come at you with venom even more lethal than this but with a gentle, friendly and polite manner.

It's up to you to be wise enough to read between the lines and see these individuals for what they are: No friend of yours.

3 weeks, 3 days ago on White Feminist Pretending To Be “Concerned” for Asian Women Marrying White Men…Yeah Right!



We understand that there are black men who hate us. Ergo the point of this post.

However, we have no desire to add view counts to their ugly videos. Please refrain from trying to link to hate videos.


3 weeks, 6 days ago on Did You Know? Black Women Are Bashed On You Tube for Page Views.


I just pity her to be honest. That's all I can say.

1 month ago on Video: Singer Dencia Says on Camera, “White Means Pure.”


I actually saw the title and went, "Please be written by Tracy" and it was. :D

I have to head out but I know I'm going to come back and learn something.

Thanks for the article! o/

1 month ago on Surrender Versus Submission: What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You


3.)  I am tired of the face-saving nonsense that black people always want to try when dysfunction is on display. NO, this is not normal. NO, this is not functional, NO, this is not a healthy loving relationship.

- It is not normal for a mother to film and cheer on the brutal beating of her own daughter.

- It is not functional to raise your children beating them like this, exploiting them by posting the beating online, and seeking the feedback of other black people to encourage displays of violence against vulnerable black girls.

- It is not a healthy loving relationship to refer to your child in such an ugly way or treat her in such an ugly way. 

THIS IS ABUSE. Period. Abusers enjoy degrading and humiliating their victims. They have all the power. The victim? None. Beating and humiliating this girl is a display of power, not love.

4.) As someone else said, if your child is away for days, scantily clad, and disobedient, such beatings are pointless. You have already failed as a parent.

No matter how much they beat this girl, the failure is irreversible. I am betting this girl will run away again, this time for good. Unfortunately life on the streets does not end well for persons so young and so damaged.

But please, let's not the inevitable shattering and demise of a girl who never had a chance because clearly no one in her life gives a damn (if they can't use their behavior to get internet famous) get in the way of soap box preaching about the virtues of black girls getting degraded and humiliated.

I mean, expressions of parental love.

....Jesus Christ.

/exits stage left

1 month, 1 week ago on DISGUSTING! Father Beats 13 Year-Old Girl, Mother Watches, Records and Calls Her Daughter a B*tch


2.) Secondly, anyone trying to make this video, THIS VIDEO, a conversation about why corporal punishment is necessary and works for black women is outside their damn mind.

I mean really? REALLY? A man and woman beat the tar out of a teenage girl and post it to DBR-central and this is supposed to be a positive example of child rearing?

I will pray for your children if this is the example you want to defend and follow.

This was not about punishment, it was not about correcting bad behavior and it sure as HELL is not about love.

No kind of healthy love leads you to beat a child, to call her "bitch" and "ho" and then post to a site like World Hip Hop dot Com where everyone can laugh at at and mock and insult this humiliated girl. This video is out there forever. FOREVER. Forever out there for other ignorant individuals to get their rocks off.

My parents loved me. They disciplined me. But all of it was private. Loving and disciplining young ones is private. It is not about you making yourself look good by beating up on someone who can't fight back and then posting it on the web for the world to see.

Once you do that, it's clear that you don't give a damn and this person is just a literal punching bag.

Also once you are willing to do this and post it online, it's ridiculous to pretend that people do not have the right to judge. You lose the right to tell people not to judge you when you put your ratchet behaviors on display for feedback from the global village.

1 month, 1 week ago on DISGUSTING! Father Beats 13 Year-Old Girl, Mother Watches, Records and Calls Her Daughter a B*tch


Oh no, I know negroes are not trying to come through and excuse the blatant dysfunction in this damn video.


1.) This is a thirteen year old girl. Please explain to me how referring to her as "bitch" and "ho" is going to help move her in a positive direction. Did your parents express their love by referring to you as "bitch" and "ho"? Do the people in your life refer to you as "bitch" and "ho" while beating you for being disobedient?

This is an important question, because the preview image (I refuse to watch this video) is akin to a pimp beating a whore for not doing what she's told.

You are all familiar with the term "pimp smack" right? You know how that works right? Tell me, how exactly is this man beating this "ho" who he is supposed to love any different from a pimp beating a ho who he is supposed to love?

"Well he's not sexually abusing her". Do you know that? You really going to give the benefit of the doubt to a man who would brutally beat a teenage girl for being "fast" and then post it online? How kind of you.

You know how thirteen year old black girls get to be so "fast"? Because they are sexually abused by the people around them. This includes fathers, step-fathers, cousins..and uncles. They sometimes run away to escape that abuse, but can't tell anyone because who is going to believe a thirteen year old black ho-bitch?

But clearly we're exaggerating. Nothing says love like putting an asswhipping online to be laughed at by millions of other ignorant as hell black people.

It's not enough to show this love through violence and verbal degradation, she must be utterly humiliated as well.

1 month, 1 week ago on DISGUSTING! Father Beats 13 Year-Old Girl, Mother Watches, Records and Calls Her Daughter a B*tch


@melissamak007 @Justme65  Given the fact that she is rumored to be in the running for a role in an upcoming Star Wars movie, this comment made me do a double-take.

1 month, 1 week ago on In Case You Missed It: Me, Gina from WAOD, and Dr. Yaba Blay Weigh in on the Supposed “Lupita Fetish”


"White men get the best black women."

I continue to LOL at the idea that a black woman is improved in the eyes of black men when she is with a white man. That says more about those black men than anything else.

All this talk about fetishism and you have men dancing around their own fixation on the obtaining lighter/brighter women as some affirmation of self worth while telling black women through words and actions, "your dark-skin and means you're worthless".

Mmmhmm. Cry me a river, you colorist clowns.

1 month, 1 week ago on I Told Tyler Perry I Want to See More HEALTHY Swirl Relationships on the Tom Joyner Show This Morning