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A lot of people are whining the Aguirre thinks he's better than "a Hall of Famer."  Yes, he's better than Ralph Sampson.  And yes, he was better than Dantley.  Dantley was a good mid-range player but Aguirre was good from the blocks out to the three point line and could pass, run the floor.  With Dantley teams were restricted in offensive sets and systems, but Aguirre was good in all situations.  As the NBA in 1980 moved from offensive sets to the modern motion offence Dantley became a role player.  Good stats, sure, he was good at what he was good at but Aguirre was good at more.

Remember when Dallas made the trade?  Imagine Blackman, Harper et al, so happy to be rid of Aguirre, thinking he was holding them back.  Then Dantley arrives, they play with him, and soon realize their sets are stilted.  "Gee, I'd pass the ball inside to Mark and he'd score or kick it back out.  Adrian won't post up.  I'd swing it to Mark outside, he'd shoot or find the open man.  Adrian doesn't go outside to we can't run those options.  We get the ball to Mark on the wing and he shoots, he drives, or kicks it to the open man.  Adrian gets it, massages the ball to rub the pebble off, then 10 seconds later shoots, or maybe drives, or maybe gets bored and passes it out with 2 seconds left on the shot clock.  We go out on the break, Mark could lead, attack the basket.  Adrian, well, he sort of does the same thing every time."

Wonder how they felt sitting in 4th in the West with Aguirre, Tarpley out of action for quite a while, then getting Dantley and falling to 9th?  Next year Dantley gets hurt, they squeak into 8th, and don't make the playoffs for years.

Detroit, on the other hand, sat 6 games behind Cleveland, was 0-13 against Boston, Chicago, and Cleveland, was on an 8-6 tear, and scoring 96 points a game.  Get Aguirre, go win over 40 games and lose only 6, fly into the playoffs with gusto and win in a slam dunk.  Eventually make Aguirre a 6th man next year, rinse and repeat.  Notice how Detroit dropped 20 games in the standings after Aguirre left?  Dallas noticed what happened when they lost Aguirre, too.

Aguirre was a truly great College player and same in Dallas, and took a lesser role to win in Detroit.  Dantley refused to pass, didn't want to run the break, wanted things done his way.  Who was better?  No duh, Aguirre.

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The parts with Mark Aguirre were great.  Man, what a player.  Without him, Detroit was just  tough team.  The needed his versatility, ability to run, and passing that so far exceeded Dantley's.  No wonder they took off after the trade, they could run an open offence and put Aguirre in the blocks or out on the wing or out at 3 point land and he was, as Larry Bird said, "always a threat, the only guy we had to double team."

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