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I wish the greatest challenge of great writing was mostly about having a story to tell and not having spoken well (and reflected well) on beauty, goodness or truth. If the burden was bore out in word count like miles underfoot and not upon the actual multiplication of loaves and fish - enough to feed a million. Or seven. Million.

Only if.

That would be something I could teach my son across a dozen postcards or less. And if he never got them, that would be ok too. Because life would not be the gauntlet, the search, the quest and the trials that require the tireless parade of illuminations, wisdom, consolations and benedictions.

Only if. 

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I can accept you for you, if and only if (1) you can accept me for me, (2) what you believe does not threaten or harm me, mine or my world AND (3) we can help each other with our things on occasion. 

That's the social contract, right? Screw Locke, Rousseau and all those other seekers and fans of power-based relationships...

And that's the problem of politics of any kind.

And religion gets into all sorts of problems when it gets political. And, yes, it gets political for all the right and wrong reasons.

I'd like to see a Jewish nation as large as the promised land - it currently occupies about 10 percent of the promised land. And that is a challenge that includes the failure of the moral character of Israel as much as the ambitions of the Devil. Me saying that may be unPC, but my saying it doesn't actually represent a threat or harm to anyone. After all, I am a nobody. And so are most of us. We're nobodies.

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@TheJackB @michaelsuddard  So you bring your twenty speed titanium touring bike made in Switzerland into the hipster's bmx shop in Tulsa which mostly deals with cheap Chinese one to three speeds and you tell them that the bike just doesn't go... [grin]

You have to imagine they need time to throw back the 18 pack before getting back to you on that one.

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I'm glad to hear you may have it figured out enough so that you can get back to writing!

One of the problems of hosting is that the technology situation opposes an effective, low cost, high volume approach. Wordpress software was never designed to be a highly reliable, fault tolerant and rapidly extensible enterprise solution.

A killer blog hosting company would need a team of ninja Wordpress code experts and that team would need to expand in correlation with increasing customers. Let's say, three new team members (senior and junior programmer and technical CS support person ) for every 300 new customers. Or, put another way, that's an annual operational cost increase of $240K (USD) with a six month lead time. All of which is doable and  profitable if they can charge a $100 set up fee and $60/month on a two year contract.

However, the market (me and you) is willing to pay about $10/month. Therefore, there is no ninja technical team to support our blog errors.

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Hang in there. You're worth waiting for you to figure this out. Give or take 15 days or less - of course.

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