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@FTL_Ian I'm looking at it right now. They've got the embedly integration, which is the biggest thing I feared. But it's kind of like the Google+ of comment systems. You could argue the code is built a little better, but it doesn't compare to the Disqus network. The social aspect is bigger and there's more to explore. Doesn't really matter though, they're all the same. You could go with WP defaults and it'd be fine.

2 days, 3 hours ago on New Forum & Commenting Software!


An interesting change, LiveFyre is faster, but I don't think it has nearly the features or quality of Disqus.

2 days, 7 hours ago on New Forum & Commenting Software!


Gonna' need this soon. So much better than depositing with a bank. Thanks. :)

2 days, 21 hours ago on New & Improved Bitcoin Vending Machine Launches in Keene!


@2:24 "Denver Police investigated this as a possible sex assault but prosecutors say with no victim, there's no criminal case."

Seriously? When has that ever stopped them before?

1 week, 4 days ago on TSA Agents Cooperate to Sexually Assault 12 Men


A note on the first portion of this article, I've been seeing a lot of neo-con news sources put down the constitution. This gun control debate seems to have stirred up a hornets nest of "let's abandon the constitution" type articles. I don't know it that's an omen or not but it's got me a little twitchy.-<a href="">Thorax232</a>--------------------------------------------<a href="">Family Survival Course Book</a>

2 years, 3 months ago on Today, a bunch of liars and crooks took an oath to...