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Whats the relevance if there are white guys on the show or not? Aren't there ENOUGH WHITE PEOPLE on tv for your sake? but other than that, all of these show are really terrible to be honest, ESPN doesn't need 3 channels and the NFL doesn't need a network,mind you a network struggling to give round the clock shows and information. I really missed the old days when sports weren't on 24/7 and sports were a nice release, but now with all this oversaturation of sports programming it just makes the shows and the athletes all the more unlikeable.

2 years, 3 months ago on Twitter Wars: Michael Smith vs Dave Dameshek


I agree Merril is unecessarily harsh when it comes to Tim Tebow but from what i read Merril has had like 10 concussions over his football career so you got to suspect that has a lot to do with his talking off the cuff sometime. Overall I like Merril but nevertheless he can tone it down a bit when it comes to Tebow and Tebow for his own good should spend the offseason with a real reputable qb coach and work on his mechanics and overall football skills if he wants to be in the NFL.

2 years, 3 months ago on Josh Duhamel is no fan of Merril Hoge and his Tim Tebow bashing