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If I never see Blanco pop out weakly on the second pitch of his at bat again, from the lead-off spot, it will be too soon.  And just to be clear, I don't blame Blanco.  That's who he is.  That's who he has been.  That's who he will be.

However, for a team so dependent upon Pagan and Morse in the outfield this year, with their history of injuries, I think Giants' management should have anticipated the potential need for another outfielder who could either bat lead-off, or hit with power, just in case.

Similarly with second and third base. The Giants were poorly positioned for the possibility of Scutaro or Sandoval landing on the DL.  Hasn't happened with Sandoval this year but it did with Belt.  

A team that is 7 or 8 deep in its lineup and 7 or 8 deep in its pitching has potential to do great over the short stretch, but not over 162 games.  Over the course of 162 games, the difference between a 25 man major league roster and a 16 man major league roster probably costs a team at least 12 - 15 games, if you ask me.  That's not the players fault.  It's the law of averages. 

There are plenty of other teams out there with complete 25 man rosters, and they will be the teams that tend to win those extra 12 games.

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@Robert Haymond  

My only disagreement is with your assessment of the 2010 and 2012 teams.   With Lincecum, Cain, Bumgarner, Wilson, Romo, Affeldt, Lopez, and maybe even Sanchz and Zito, the 2010 team had the best pitching staff in the playoffs, they had some batters get hot (Sanchez, Ross, Posey, Huff, Renteria) and a manager who managed the pants off his opponent.
The 2012 team also had a very strong pitching staff, and some batters get hot (Scutaro and Sandoval, in particular.)  That's the same formula for World Series championships that has been used by other teams for decades. 

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Not to distract from the Mobius discussion, which I find quite interesting, just wanted to add that this blog reminded me of another type of line-up that I have seen used by mangers of softball teams where the #1 power hitter bats 4th, and the #2 power hitter bats 8th, with the three top on-base batters batting 1, 2, 3, and the last three guys (not counting pitcher) batting 5, 6, 7.

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Sabean fiddles while . . . 

As long as people fill the ballpark, buy beer, hotdogs and panda hats, the ownership will continue to feel the love no matter how far behind the Giants fall in the standings.  Ownership needs to start feeling the wrath.  I do not expect us to win the world series every year, but I do expect us to have a legitimate left fielder, a solid bench, a deeper bullpen and a starting rotation that is not made up of three #5 starters.  Their attempts to solve last year's problems would be considered a bad joke in many other markets.  All we need now is the addition of a 37 year old has-been left fielder who will bat 7th in the order and we should be set to challenge the Rockies.

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Enjoying the conversation.

On a tangential, though related topic, regarding the notion that the Giants ownership can continue to back up the Brink's truck to AT&T and shovel in the cash as long as they simply own a ballclub, I believe that will not last forever.  The glow from 2010 - 2012 will undoubtedly carry the team through 2013.  But by May of 2014, if the team is still scoring one run on 10 hits while giving up 3 runs on 8 hits, fan frustration will finally explode.  The consecutive sellout streak will not last until the Allstar break, and at least one out of the trio of Baer, Sabean and Bochy may not survive the 2014 season if it turns out to be a repeat of 2013.  Ownership may still be operating in the black, but they will not be feeling the love.  Whether or not that matters remains to be seen.

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Not sure you can blame Sabean.  I think it may be Baer.  While the powers that be obviously won't admit it as long as they still have fans willing to pay top dollar for bottom product, they have clearly written off this year.  They are taking a calculated gamble that they have enough fans enamored with the uniform, two shiny trophies and Kruk and Kuip and Murph and Mac, that they have a year to play with.  The real test will be when they free up the Lincecum and Zito money, and then we can see whether they are willing to dig a little deeper into their pockets and do what it takes to put a major league team of 25 - 30 truly professional players back on the field in 2014.

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good one; my phrase was "Giants Baseball - Unwatchable", but as I recall I think I felt the same way around this time in 2010 when we seemed to lead the universe in grounding into double plays, leaving guys stranded on the bases, etc.  But they did have three legitimate starting pitchers and a great bullpen in 2010; the thing that perhaps worries me most is that I expect that most Giants fans see us only three games out with all of the troubles we are having and are sitting back thinking that this thing will eventually turn itself around on its own.  Hopefully Baer and Sabean are not pickling in that barrel.

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