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" I'm sure there's quite a few war games we haven't got reviews for yet."


There aren't. That's what makes this game so special. 


Oh there are psudo-wargames on the iPad like "Great Little/Big Wargame", but these are just build-destroy-rebuild type games that have no historical flavor and try to be wargames by having playing pieces they call tanks. "Civil War" and "Tank Battle" come a bit closer, but again no true historical underpinnings to the games. "Battle Academy" is a popular wargame, but on a tactical level, with generic units.


Shenandoah has created the first strategic level historical wargame for the iPad, and have done so with a brilliant design.



2 years, 3 months ago on Battle of the Bulge


Love this site, but this game not getting a 10/10 is a serious oversight.


I don't see why there need to be two different ratings, but if their are, not giving a 10/10 for the "serious wargamer " is flat out inexcusable.


This is the iPad wargame that all those wargames to come will be judged by. It is a masterpiece.


I know in the past this site has mentioned that wargames are not their thing, and it shows in this review. If this game isn't a 10, there are no 10's.


Sorry for the harsh tone, but this game marks the entry of the true historical board wargame into the iPad arena, and it needs to be heralded as such so that more such efforts will follow.

2 years, 3 months ago on Battle of the Bulge