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Even for non-entrepreneurs (like myself) presenting yourself properly via LinkedIn pays definitely off. Besides your certifications, job experience you can also add projects you've done and connect the link the linkedin accounts of the coworkers you've done the projects with. So you'll get a pretty detailed overview of your career and I can assure you that will be noted, by amount of business opportunities I got offered because of that. Furthermore is Linkedin the best business address book you'll have, because you always have the ability to contact your contact with the most actual address (your contact has to be an active LinkedIn user of course).

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The website looks great! Especially on mobile now, and those pictures from Social Brand Forum turned out so good. 

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This podcast proves that however the SSS mailing list is automated, if you send a response you always a personal response back from Amy. It may take sometimes a couple of weeks, but you'll get a response. Name one vlogger or blogger who does that too ?  I can't think of one. So enjoy it while you can, because it may not last forever!

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I like the @SavvySexySocial tweets but don't overdo it,With these tools it becomes so easy to (re)tweet but from a user experience your timeline gets flooded with tweets with as a side effect the reader (like myself) will probably ignore a lot of tweets that were sent  If you tweet at a constant pace but not too often (like for example @wellbelove  does) I am more likely to read the tweets and therefore the end result is more effective. Then again I don't consider myself your primary target audience (entrepeneurs/marketeers) so maybe I am wrong...

Keep up making those great videos Amy ! Appreciate always.

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Have you ever considered using of NAS device (preferably from Synology or QNAP) in stead of multiple external disks ? For a few extra bucks you'll have a lot more functionality  and redundancy and are able to have a lot more disk capacity available.

You might be right by about that you actually save your endproduct with Youtube in the cloud. Don't forget however that the danger of using one (cloud) supplier, is not in the technical loss of your data but if your account gets hijacked or you are having a business conflict with you cloud supplier. Things can get very ugly then, a might bring substantial damage to your business if you cannot access your data.

I always recommend to stall your data at 2 different places, no matter how small your business is. This can be on a NAS or if you're using gmail, google drive etc.. and have zero to none technical skills I definitely would recommend to have a look at .

People only realize how important backups are when you actually need them. 


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I have to disagree with you on this one, but maybe that's because I am not a marketing person. I personally think the sincerity is in the message is important, not the medium. Yes, you get noticed by sending a postcard in stead of a e-mail. But then again if you get a 100 postcards and 1 e-card who do you think get noticed more ? I would rather get an e-mail with a personal message send to me, than a bottle of wine with postcard. This is because I don't drink wine and everyone who knows me a little bit would know that (sincerity!). It doesn't mean it's not nice to get it them however. I usually give those bottles to my co-worker or wife, and it's just part of the marketing game around Christmas, just don't pretend it's anything more than that. 

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@bradleymiller1 I remember that "doing-it-all" blog. Very strong comment section on that one.

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Congratulations on the 200th episode ! Subscribed in April 2012. Left once, came back. (let's forget about that). After this period still looking forward  and enjoying new SSS videos every week. 

My favorite episode of SSS in "Investigate the Deception of Huge Twitter Followings". ( I was just starting with G+, and this video was suggested to me. I found it very funny and educational. I think it was probably the first vlog I ever saw. So Amy, your were the first vlogger I encountered and to me you are still the best vlogger I encountered.  I will hope you will make these videos for a very long time.. 

1 year, 2 months ago on How I Quadrupled My YouTube Subscribers in 8 Months [200th VIDEO!]


I have tried the app and  tried the "English to German" course ("Dutch to English" isn't available yet, so I thought I try this one). It's a really funny app, and it definitely works so thanks for tip for that.

As an additional tip: if you want to learn a language quick watch kids shows  in the language you want to learn. (for example Sesamestreet in Spanish  via Youtube) This really helps to improve your pronunciation.   

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@schmittastic That answer only makes it worse... :-(

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You're making it almost impossible for me not to vlog...

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I am one of those people who often wondered why the views are what they are. But to be completely honest, I don't mind at all that SSS hasn't been "blown up" with followers. Why ? Because it leaves room for interaction, and that's the thing I LOVE about social media. Doesn't matter if it's on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc... That's my thing and there is little room for that if you have a huge amount of followers.

How do you define success?
The answer to that question is pretty easy. If you're happy with what your doing then you have success.

What keeps you going every day so you can reach our goals? 
 I am ICT engineer who builds backend-systems for companies, which means I can work/play with expensive cutting edge computer equipment and have a business trip abroad now and then (Hong Kong by the end of year). I love my job. 

Are they enough?
For now definitely.  There is always new technology which you can learn. I am often asked why I don't start my own business and lease myself to clients. My answer is always I am an engineer not an entrepreneur, but maybe in the future that will change.

So Amy, enjoy your success and don't "blow up" ;-)

1 year, 6 months ago on When Are You Going To “Blow Up”? [Sunday Real]


As an addition. Please make 100% sure everything (opt-in form, links etc..) works on your website, because it's killing when it does not. I say this because I experienced today a website on which it didn't. We were trying download a trial version of some software  and weren't able to select it due to errors on the form of the website. Even tried different browsers. These are painfull mistakes, and leave a very bad first impression. 

Good video, Amy!

1 year, 7 months ago on Email is NOT Dead [VIDEO]


@schmittastic I think you also can consider point 47 done, since you were a guest at the LYGHO channel. And ehhh, can we skip no. 46. I think some audio from singing under the shower would be more than enough.... #JustTeasing

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Thanks for another great episode of Shoot The Schmitt. Too bad it was a bit quiet on the comment section, because that is what a hangout gives something extra.  

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@Jeff Kasten Hi Jeff, maybe it will help if you switch Google Music to use HTML5. If you go to the settings on the website, you have an option to select "Music Labs". There you can switch on HTML5.

1 year, 7 months ago on Google All Access vs. Spotify for Music Streaming [VIDEO]


I am a fan of Google Music as a digital music platform since day one. I loved the option that I was able to upload 20.000 songs for free. Since me and wife have approx. 500 cd's we've converted them to mp3 and are now able via Google Music to play them on my phone, computer, car, tablet, stereo etc. and add new music via the Google Play Store (with weekly discounts on records every Tuesday). You mentioned that Spotify offers something similar for your own music collection. I wasn't aware of that.

I have also looked into digital streaming services like  Spotify, Sony Music Unlimited (and now Google Access) some time ago. The one thing I don't like about these services is the fact that you actually "rent" music in stead of buying it. This means that if you want to stop the service after for example a year, you've paid $120 and have nothing, while if you have bought music via Google Music, iTunes etc.. you still have the music available since you're able (in case of Google Music) to download it in MP3 format.

Your argument that you can listen to a lot different of music  is a valid one. However if you want to listen to non-mainstream music like obscure 80's metal or Asian music (both are real life examples) the streaming services often don't have this music in their catalogs. That is also one of the reasons why I love the 20.000 song upload from Google Music, since you're able to have this music available via the cloud.

The argument about the option shared playlists from Spotify. I (and I am not the only) always hate those Facebook messages what someone is playing on his spotify since I absolutely don't care what other people are listing to their spotify. Play the music that you like, but don't bother me with it. 

Great video as always and keep up the good work.

PS: A tip for every digital music lover. Have a look at the . This device provides a bluetooth connection to every conventional stereo amplifier, meaning you can stream the music from your smartphone or tablet to your stereo. I bought one some time ago and stream all my music via my tablet to my stereo. It's not that expensive and very easy to setup.

1 year, 8 months ago on Google All Access vs. Spotify for Music Streaming [VIDEO]


It took some time start-up due technical difficulties, but it was a great show. Even us in the comment section had a great time. Also came to the conclusion after talking to Vinnie22ify this that I am a "Schmittaddict" (but in the good sense ;-) )

1 year, 8 months ago on Shoot the Schmitt with Csandreas and Stewdippin, ep. 7 [PODCAST]


Hi Amy,

As a follow up of your mailing this morning and this article I would share a little experiment I did with Google+ ("G+") last month. The goal of this test was:

1. How can get a lot of G+ followers pretty quick ?
2. Am I able to handle newsfeed this generates ?

The first test was pretty easy. You're able as G+ user to share your circles (group of users) with other G+ users, so one person I followed had shared his circle of 600 most active G+ users. I added those to my circles with automatically generates a message to these 600 users that I have added them to my circles. Now, since G+ is a fairly young social network people who you follow tend to automatically follow you back even though you have no social connection to them.  So I got 200 followers within 2 days, and more and more followed the same week. You can use this behavior to your advantage, although I expect as G+ matures this "trick" won't work anymore. As a funny side effect my account was added to circle of the "Demi Levato Fanpage" and the"Miley Cyrus Fanpage" which is, being a 41 year European male, somewhat interesting.  

The answer to the second question can be answered pretty quickly. No I can't. Although that has more to do how I use  social media than the possibilities of Google+. I love to interact on a personal level with individuals on social media, which is impossible to do with a couple of hundred circle users.  But as an entrepreneur or a brand who can use G+ more as a marketing tool you can organize you users very easy in G+ by seperating them into circles by for example Language, State, Country, Male, Female, etc... Keep in mind that you can add followers to more than one circle, so you are able to target your message to a pretty specific group of followers. Facebook has also the possibilities of using groups, but it is not so easy to use as G+ circles.

Hope you don't mind my little story as an addition to your article..

Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Erik de Bont  

1 year, 8 months ago on Google Plus is New New New [VIDEO]


Thanks for the tips Amy. I will definitely use them to revive my blog. It basically all comes down to discipline.

As always, thank you very much for all content (blog & vlog). It's greatly appreciated. 

1 year, 9 months ago on How to Manage Your Blog When You’re Employed Full-Time (Or Not)


This one is very difficult to fill in for my profession (ICT Consultant). I can't use presentations in my linkedin portofolio since most of them contain information about ICT infrastructures of a company which are not allowed on public channels for obvious security and client confidentiality reasons. Any ideas on how to deal with this issue ?  

1 year, 10 months ago on Adding Portfolio Items to Your Linkedin Profile [VIDEO]


I would like to add to keep in mind the following. When you schedule a tweet at nighttime or schedule it outside of working hours and you audience lives in a different timezone, it may cause (obviously) issues with interacting with your audience. The time you send somebody a response who responded to your original tweet can be several hours or more, which is on twitter a very long time. This can create false expectations with your audience (why don't I get a response ?), so it would be wise to keep this in mind and adjust the content of the tweet if necessary to avoid this issue. 

Thanks for the video Amy. It's very much appreciated. 

1 year, 10 months ago on My Social Scheduling Routine with Hootsuite and Buffer App [VIDEO]


Great video (but what else is new). The only thing I think you should have emphasized more is the value of LinkedIn when it comes to most actual contact information. When a business card is older than 1 year there is a chance that the contact information is outdated. With LinkedIn you always have the most up-to-date information and you can see what your contact is working on (unless he does a shitty job on keep his profile up-to-date). It still is the most effective platform for me to maintain business contacts.


Keep up the good work, it's much appreciated (even by non-entrepreneurs  like me).  

1 year, 11 months ago on How to Grow Your Network Faster [VIDEO]


 @Wilde_Hunt The example you gave about the photographer not showing up is absolutely killing for business. I think in your case it is definitely worthwhile to put some effort in building a network of people/professionals who can assist you (and you can trust) in your business. This can be people from your schooldays or worked with in the past or a friend of friend etc..


I am an ICT consulant (not an entrepreneur) working in ICT since 1995. During these years I have done many projects and actually backtracked almost all of my co-workers (the good ones) via LinkedIn. This gives a network of people and the opportunity that if I need a certain expertise I can track someone down pretty quickly.


Now I know that LinkedIn is probably not a big thing in the fashion world, but that shouldn't stop you from building a similar network  (LinkedIn is in this case is just a tool, an ordinary address book is also fine) of good professionals that will help you to develop your business. You really don't have to do everything by yourself if you know good people.

1 year, 12 months ago on Doing It All


Interesting, I have seen similar behavior with project managers. The ones that do micromanagement want their team members to report every detail of what their doing and give the impression that they want to everything themselves. This will annoy the team members, spending time on the wrong things (reporting),  not getting the faith of doing their job well etc... which will in the end not produce a good result. 


A good project manager will let his team members do their work. Have himself informed about the major issues, and manages them. In short a team-builder which has his team do the work for him in stead of doing everything himself. 


Now, the above example is not the exact same situation you're in, but I see some  similarities. 


I think you should ask yourself these questions (keeping the above example in mind):

- What happened that you had to redo the entire project mentioned in your article and couldn't you have discovered the issue (of dissatisfaction) in an earlier stage ?

- If I have an employee what do I want him/her to do ? Being I copy of myself so we can split the work, or do I let  hem/her do the things I am not good at or don't like to do. It has to be clear what you expect from your employee to avoid frustration on both sides.

- Am I an entrepreneur or a manager ? Am I capable of managing people so they can perform at there best or do I want to do everything myself.


At the moment I think your are still are more entrepreneur (which is not a bad thing) than manager. But at least you are aware of your flaws (micromanagement) so I think you should be capable of growing into the manager role at a later stage if you want to.


Thanks again for your article Amy. They are always a pleasure to read.




1 year, 12 months ago on Doing It All


Although I am not/have not  a brand, I write down my list of social media platforms just to give you an example how social media is used from a consumer point of view.


- Twitter. Use it to follow international/financial/local news via accounts from newspapers, journalists etc... Follow a few celebrities. Follow funny people/vloggers who have daily quotes and tweet with a couple of friends on a daily basis.

- Youtube. Have an account but use only to join channels and organize favorites.  No intention to upload videos in the near future.

- Facebook. Use it to socialize on the internet with mostly people I know in person (not all of them).Hated the platform in past, due to bad android app and chaotic interface. It has improved quite a lot since then, but is not a the technical level of Google+ yet, The biggest advantage is of course that almost everybody has a facebook account.

- Google+. Technically the best platform in my opinion. Have created a family circle to create a social media channel for my family to share/pictures and to announce family events. Also use is as backup platform for photo's and videos.   Use it as a social platform to socialize with mostly people I don't know in person. Recently using the communities on Google+ which is a great integration of forums into social media to talk about any subject your interested. . 

- Instagram. Just interacting with a couple op people. Noticed that there are barely active users on from The Netherland (were I come from).


I think 3 maybe 4 social media platforms are for me the max for to be active on.

2 years ago on Are We Spread Too Thin with Social Media? [VIDEO]


 @JacobkCurtis You're right about "nothing works better for comments then controversy", but I would say to be careful when "you try to stir it up a bit". Keep in mind the a commenter can think exactly the same and he will stir it up to. Before you know it this will give a you complete blowback of your actual goal, which is a sincere genuine comment about the article you wrote. 


I hope I made myself clear, if not, just ask.  

2 years ago on Why You’re Rejecting Blog Comments (And How To Change It)


 @schmittastic  @pemelendezu It's part of it what I meant to say. Let me try to explain. If a subject becomes more controversial, cultural background kicks in. I will try to explain it with the following example.


You see someone singing on a youtube video who sounds absolutely terrible. He requests a comment on what you think about it. Your goal is to explain to him that his singing is not good and it's not a good idea to put this video on the Internet. He get three responses 


1. Your singing is terrible and your crazy to put it on the Internet -> Direct, full throttle, no strings attached. Let's call this the Dutch way ;-).

2. Well you have made a great video, the colors are great, and the sharpness is great,  and the recording of the sound is really good... -> Avoiding the controversy at the beginning and pace very slowly to what you really want to tell. Let's call this the French way.

3. You say nothing and you just smile. -> You don't want to insult the singer, so you just say nothing. Let's call this the Japanse way.


Of course the above examples are over-exaggerated (no offense to the Dutch, French and Japanse), but all of them are right or wrong. For example: If you use comment 3 on a Dutch person he get's offended, because you're not telling him what you really think which keeps him guessing  If you use comment 1 on a Japanse person he gets offended because it's too direct, and you don't critize someone in Japan like that.


So you have three different comments which say exactly the same thing, but in a completely different way. That's what I mean by a different cultural background.


So if your read I comment and you know someone's background it usually clarifies his comment a lot more.


Do you understand what I mean ?




2 years ago on Why You’re Rejecting Blog Comments (And How To Change It)


I started a blog. Haven't been promoting it yet, because I want it to have more volume before I go public. I have however made comments, delete comments on forums, sss, twitter, facebook, instragram etc... and probably made every mistake in social media communication you can make.  


 I like your article and I have a few tips as a person who writes comments to the blogger:

- As a blogger If you do not understand a comment. Just ask. You can say thanks as a blogger (as being polite), but that what's the point in that if you don't understand it. It's the interaction that gives a blog something extra.

- Keep in mind that you have (because of the Internet) an international audience, meaning that comments can also come from non-native english speakers (like me). This can create sometimes some misinterpretation of a comment due to the level of english of the person who writes the comment or due to a different cultural background. A comment can be insulting because it's misinterpreted while it was not intended to be insulting. If you think that is the case. Always ask if you correctly understood the comment.

- If you think a comment is inappropriate or the writer is acting like an idiot. Tell him or her the comment is inappropriate and you do not like his behaviour. This gives the writer at least a change to correct his comment. In most cases you will also get support from other readers who don't like his comment which gives the writer a strong signal that he is doing something wrong.


But first and foremost. Be honest !  


Keep up the great work Amy. It's very much appreciated.

2 years ago on Why You’re Rejecting Blog Comments (And How To Change It)