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As a Taxi driver in San Francisco 4 years who signed up uber taxi system month ago.

Since then, I have asked many customers how do they like the uber taxis?


Belive me.

Every single passenger replies were SUPER HAPPY, SOOOOOOOO USEFUL, TWO THUMBS UP.

I LOVE IT. they are ALL HAPPY with uber taxi in SF.


My best favorite part  of uber taxi systems as a being SF taxi driver is that when customer gets to destenation,

all they have to do is open the door go on their way. no need to dig out wallet, then dig out right credit card, or digging out cash from pants pocket while stopping at busy FD intersetion at busy rush hour while yelling, honking

to the lane blocking taxi.


end of each ride, rider gets email receipt from uber.

In past 2weeks experience since signed up this uber taxi,

This is my point of view on this uber taxi in SF.

This is NOT just win win situation.

This tripple winning situsation.

customers are winning, drivers are winning, uber is winning.


Very much in demand service for the SF taxi users.




2 years, 3 months ago on TAXI is arriving in San Francisco