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Michael Kay can sometimes wear out his welcome but at least he takes some series off.  I like the way the Yankees keep it fresh usually changing at least one member of the crew for each series.  I'm glad I'm not a Red Sox fan because listening to Don Orsillo for 150 games a year would bore me to death.

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It's funny that on the day Carton joked "I want to pour BBQ sauce on Suzyn Waldman and lick her up and down" that Boomer is the one that gets in trouble.

Anyway, since starting up on CBS Sports Network I have watched them everyday and no longer watch "Mike and Mike".  Boomer and Carton always make me laugh. 

If anyone in the media world actually watched their show instead of pouncing on one story in a newsfeed and copying it and reporting it as their own, I'm sure they could find worse things to criticize them for.

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