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It is terrible. The worst website relaunch of all time. None of the existing tools work and their API, whether intentional or not, is not working (basically isn't there). The website itself only contains a small percentage of the functionality it had previously. Getting stacks (which I think is a useless feature) is not a good tradeoff for the functionality that has been removed from the site.

I am a long time user and supporter of delicious. I stuck with them through everything and all the changes in the past, but now it is just unusable. Too many features are gone - including the API (which means any/all of my delicious tools and browser extensions) don't work. The new design looks a little prettier, but I'd take the old website over the new, prettier but far less functional website any day.

It makes me sad that after years of sticking with delicious that I've decided that their new direction does match up with the delicious of old and I've decided to move to Diigo :-(

3 years, 7 months ago on Back to Beta: Delicious Returns With a New Design and Focus