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Matt's the dishonest one? ::facepalm::

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Sorry Matt


 @itchik  @hevf1011 Okay, so Hevf1011 comes in with a polite, objective, and well thought article that DEFENDS your right-wing position. And Itchik, you come in with an incredibly insulting and condescending response. Let's not be coy. One, any treaty from the UN would have to pass through our legislature with, as I recall, a 2/3rds majority. Frankly, the votes aren't there. Two, I've heard this scare tactic line funded by insane conspiracy theory-powered ignorance before. And guess what, it still hasn't happened. UN soldiers don't patrol the United States, UN lawyers don't tell little old US citizen what to do in World Court unless you royally screw something up with another country. Take your psychotic babble somewhere else... it's laughable. The mere structure of your response above confirms to me that you're a miscreant who lacks any education, be it formal or life experience. 

2 years, 3 months ago on The 2nd Amendment and the Preservation of Liberty