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Really nice work!


Maybe a little bit too dirty, in my eyes.. :)


In image 25 you plug VrayEdge to a VrayComp.

Probably to soften the edges mixed with a bump of the dirt material.


What blending mode did you use- and could you give a bit of additional detail?







3 years ago on Making of Church of the Light


+1 for loving Japanese architecture!

3 years ago on Pisopiso / Atelier Ryo Abe Works


Um, i know it's about a year ago you did ask this question, but as far as it hasn't been answered yet, i thought i'd reply- better late than never ;)

You probably know you could use a vertex color map within the ground texture as an instance in multiscatter distribution mask..

3 years, 1 month ago on 3D Ground Cover Modeling in 3D Studio Max


@jiminy-billy-bob Congrats! Well done! ;)

3 years, 1 month ago on CityLIFE Challenge Winners Announced


Man, i hate my spam filter..

So i missed the parade... ;)

Incredible results here! (Not that i would't have expected..)

You could start a new life with the prizes only ;)

Thanks to the artists, thanks to Ronen

for giving this opportunity to see these inspiring artworks!

3 years, 1 month ago on CityLIFE Challenge Winners Announced



3 years, 2 months ago on -People Of The Cliffs- Finals



Ok, forget it..;)

I feel a little stupid now because it was quite simple (if this is the only reason for that problem, i hope so). It just happened because some faces were left turned inside (SU backfaces exposed) which made these faces and sometimes the adjacent faces get triangulated. I figured out that if all(!) faces are front faces (or backfaces) then there seems to be no triangulation and everything works fine!

Thanks for your offer again, i'll probably will get back to it one day :)

@jiminy-billy-bob: If you ever get to berlin while you're in germany, give me a shout, i can give you some tips for nice places! (ronen, you as well, for sure ;) )

3 years, 2 months ago on Lighting rework



First a happy new year!

Then, i'd like to come back to your offer about helping me with some serious problems ;) It's probably not exactly the right place to discuss that, but anyway:

If i import a SU-model to Max and turn several elements into poly (at first they are all mesh objects) some of them get triangulated, some don't. It's impossible to use an unwrap mod to place textures randomly after it's triangulated.. Probably you know about this problem (if i explained it correctly)- i hope you have a solution..

Btw, I posted this issue at cgsociety a month ago but unfortunately got no answer yet..

I have a screenshot here of this situation if necessary.

Looking forward to your answers :)

3 years, 2 months ago on Lighting rework


@ronenbekerman Great! Thanks to both of you :)

In the era of information this is like a christmas gift! I'll make use if it, but probably in the new year- i'm leaving for holidays in an hour.

Seeing the family, enjoying (lots of) food :)

I wish you all a nice christmas- and a good start in 2012!

3 years, 3 months ago on Lighting rework



Sorry for my late leply!

Yes, i am- the world is small, not really far from Hannover. I read it in your profile as well (don't mind me spying :) ) I'm working the same way- or let's better say i'm working to get it to work- model in SU, visualize in Max. I'm an architect as well...

Maybe i could ask you one or two little questions about handling SU models in Max?


PS: Not too bad your german, needs little improvement :) How long are you staying?

3 years, 3 months ago on Lighting rework


Great work! I really like the athmosphere you create!

Little things to mention:

- maybe the pavement of the city wall and the fountain to the right are too "flat" textured?

- the change of the direction of the pavement stones to the right is a little bit strange, but probably right like this.

- the top part of the wall in the foreground (which is very present) could get a little more dirt?

Greetings from Berlin

3 years, 3 months ago on Lighting rework


Just to mention,

the lintel over the balcony windows is way too low (or there are some really strange floorheights / roomheights) and the objects are too close to the building (trees, lanterns).

Good luck! :)

3 years, 5 months ago on Some light tests for Nederland Villa


Appears to be an interesting siteplanning concept. I think i should take part into these competitions next time as well .. ;)

These things come to my mind:

- the coastal line needs an equivalent border, a steep wall of concrete or rocks or a flat, sloped kind of a beach, sand etc.- quite sure, i know, just to point out.

- the tower is a great landmark and definitely the focal point of the concept. I think it looks still a little out of place right now.

I really like the idea placing the tower at the very end of the coast, right at the waterside.

Imagine the waves breaking at the tower's base at a stormy night (like a lighthouse?)- therefor it would need really a strong, solid base, maybe the base is part of the harbor's protection branch? Very powerful image..

Modeling waves and vegetation in sketchup is quite difficult- probably you're registered in the sketchucation forums, there you'll probably find the best information. There is some guy who explains how to model nice rocks. For texturing you'll need some UV capable method which is unsupported natively in sketchup but possible with e.g. the plugin Artisan.

Modeling waves is really really hard, i would prefer post-pro in this case.

HDRI for sure, is essential.

Good luck for the challenge! I'll follow your process ;)

3 years, 6 months ago on Concept and blocking