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Wayne LaPierre was simply saying that if you want to protect these kids "right now" then there needs to be armed security (temporarily) until the states can decide how they want to better protect students. It is going to take legislators in each state several weeks or a few months to decide on a plan at the state level (which they are working on now). The NRA is not saying it should be a police state environment in schools with armed police funded by the feds. For "right now" until the states can get it together, it sure would help. Teachers who have a handgun carry permit or who want to get one, should be able to carry concealed in school to protect the kids. If we trust them enough to shape & mold our kids minds, we should trust them with a handgun. If you don't trust them, perhaps they should not be working in schools in the first place. The NRA's National School Shield program does not depend upon massive state funding and will be comprised of volunteers from the community. 

2 years, 4 months ago on NRA says to hell with the Constitution