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Been seeing Ebron AND Evens gone in the top 10 in a bunch of recent mocks. :(

Lewan is a big question mark with the pending criminal charges.  Donald seems like he may be kind of a reach at 12.  It'll be interesting to say the least.

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Nice writeup.  I'm excited about the opportunity to get a stud at #12, whether it's Ebron, Evans, or an OL.  As long as at least a couple teams reach for QBs, the Giants should have their pick between multiple excellent prospects.

Before reading Wonder's take, I was leaning Evans over Ebron, but wonder may now have me leaning the other way.

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I don't know a whole lot about Ebron.  I'll be looking forward to the full post on him.  I like almost everything I've heard/seen about Evans.  I know WRs early can be iffy but having this monster target out there would really open things up for Cruz inside.  I may rather see 1-Evans, 2-Niklas than 1-Ebron, 2-somebody.  What are the thoughts on Niklas around here?  And how about DT Donald (maybe somebody available later if trading down or something)?

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@RussWellen1  In rugby you can often be penalized for not wrapping up.  You must use your arms to complete the tackle.  Therefore big hits delivered with the shoulder are not allowed.  And with no helmets, only a madman would deliver blows with the head.  I played for three years in college and managed to avoid any head trauma.  Overall concussions were pretty rare from what I saw anecdotally.  Maybe one or two in three years among the whole team of 50+ guys.  I'm not sure a "wrap up only" rule would work in the NFL, but it could certainly decrease head injuries.

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After the Manningham signing, we still need another WR, DE, DT, OL, TE.  It's a lot to ask to get quality at all those positions through the draft (though not all of those have to necessarily make a huge impact year one).  The TE, DT and possibly OL will have to be able to contribute year one.

I love what's been done so far, but still a few holes to plug...

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@jfoster  Well, there's no way the oline can be worse than it was last year.  And even right this moment, it has the potential to be much better (a few IF's involved obviously).  I'm assuming WR and TE in the draft, but nothing on that front yet is a little worrying.  I think when the dust settles the O will be much better off than last year.  Maybe drastically.

The defense I'm not so sure.  Tuck and Joseph will be tough to replace.  We're set at safety, and SHOULD be solid at LB now, but CB and DL are major question marks at this point, especially in terms of depth.

It's still early, but there's no reason to rule out a very competitive team at this point.  (Also can't rule out a lackluster one either.)

Call me cautiously optimistic.  Which is much better than where I'd be at if Gilbride was still on the staff.