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@CommanderShepard Wonder did not comment on enough players to get to Niklas, but I will ask. Re DT Aaron Donald; "End of Round 1. But has to play opposite a 3-technique DT in the right system. Will be a good pro. SEA or SF makes a lot of sense, NE or DEN does not make sense. Fit is important for this player." I will make the next post on Ebron.

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Been a while Arturo. Yes, we thought that the Beason contract was too rich- Reese overpaid there. The details of the deal were released after the 2nd FA post w his signing and before the 3rd FA post on the signing of DRC. I tweeted my note on the overpay of the deal.

Just a side note everybody- this blog is a great forum for us to stay connected as Giants fans literally all over the globe. But twitter is as powerful if not even more powerful as a medium. It's almost like micro-blogging. I have instant chat w people who ask questions across that space. And during the draft it is THE BEST WAY to quickly communicate and stay up to date. So get on twitter and follow the Giants/UltimateNYG w better coverage.

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