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Three eggs in eight games.  Utterly unprepared to play; unable to compete.

Where is this "new" offense?  Where is the short/crisp passing?  Why are we running our bruising RB straight into the backs of our OL that clearly isn't built (or can't) block like that -- and long down and distance no less?  Is this stuff really working in practice?  

Seems like this team is stuck in pre-season - trying to figure everything out - while the competition are in mid-season form.

The personnel is not there; the preparadness is not there; the will is not there -- why are these coaches/management still there?

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I can't really chalk this one up to "new offense growing pains".  Frankly, for most of the game the offense looked pretty good.  If anything, we learned that if Eli isn't running for his life, this team will be able to move the ball pretty effectively.

What we did see is simply more of the same garbage that we've seen from this team for the past 2+ years:  namely, an inability to put it all together.  This has been the hallmark of the recent Coughlin era -- okay, the defense generally plays pretty well (though can't consistently get off the field on 3rd and long) and the offense finds a bit of a rhythm, but what do you know? costly turnovers (THE hallmark of the Coughlin era), inability to execute (i.e., costly dropped passes) and special teams mishaps.

Plan and simply, these are the types of things that just don't plague "good" teams.  We all know there will be new system growing pains, but until the "other" stuff gets fixed to a manageable degree, doesn't really matter if the offense is there . . .

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Fundamentally, the team played its best game.  Scoreboard alone does not do this game justice.  Eli & Co moved the ball effectively enough (considering more than 4-5 yards cannot be had on the ground) and I was impressed by Kildrive's use of small ball. 

Not getting in the endzone will kill this team (assuming it continues to play at or near this level).  From 20-30 yards in not having a large TE on the field (who knows the paremeters of the field) is kiling them.  The Gmen basically have no ability to take a shot down the seam because Myers just isn't big enough.  When you struggle to run the ball you NEED a playmaker down the middle of the field to give your WRs a little bit of room on the outside.

Nice win.  Get healthy.

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The reason why almost any other TE catches that ball is because almost any other TE has 2-3 inches on Myers.  I agree he is utterly worthless.  Cannot block, but not big enough to be a meaningful force down the middle of the field in this offense. 

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The modified hurry up is a necessity at this point. The O-line can't run block, and with Baas out it was even worse.

Just watch a Packers game -- they play most of each game like they're down by 20.

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Ross got beat over and over again in man. Not a case of underutilization of Ross's skills.

3 years, 7 months ago on Aaron Ross: Caught in the Cross Hairs | September