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Great game !

NE's first half was pretty much perfect, they must have been sick looking at that 14-14 score at the half.

I don't know how much of the Bellichick-Brady-Kraft legacy is cheating, but you got to give it to them. That kind of success over that long period of time, it's unbelievable.

Those 2 SBs we won against the Pats are looking more and more special.

Ok, goodbye football, hello Rugby.

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@ultimatenyg Between the knowledge and know-how accumulated over generations and outside conditions one can not control, I'd say 95% of anyone's work is independent from one's efforts ...

But that's not football.

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Well I'm excited but I'm having a hard time forgetting his time in NO and STL.

Wait and see afaic.

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So who's over-reacting about Spags ?

Some Will Hill :

"Just had to get away from my hometown, and a lot of temptation, and in-town problem", looks like he would never have straightened up with the Giants.

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Welcome Lou :)

About Hynoski, "there is no reason to believe the Giants would bring him back" ? Is that what you meant to write ?

It seems to me they would bring him back. They had 2 FBs in camp last season, I think McAdoo would want a FB in 2015 and Hynoski seems to be the best bet.

I'm curious to see if JPP will try to test FA, and what kind of money he would commend if he did. He's been very good against the run and kind of inconsistent as a pass rusher, so it's not the type of player who's gonna get top money. I'm all for bringing him back, but not at top DE price.

I think LB is as bad as it ever was. Only Kennard is a starting LB, but that's based on just one season (or rather, half a season). The rest is not good enough. Herzlich is a nice run-stopper, but as I said, this is not 1975.

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@Paddlepedal @CommanderShepard TBH I agreed with the cut. They gave him 3 chances. The guy lied to them repeatedly and abused their trust. Fool me once ...

We may regret it. Maybe, ala Carter, he needed to get cut to get his head right.

The only thing that makes me question the choice now is the change in league policy. The staff had to now something was gonna evolve and they should have waited for the new rule to see what's what.

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Ok. Well at least that's change.

I can't say I'll miss the man, but to be fair he really hasn't been help by personnel choices and injuries.

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Oh, and yeah, Go Pack Go !

Can't believe how close we got. Dallas being one & done would have been such a huge breath of fresh air.

Sadly DET collapse (and not the ref) took it away.

Yes, I am bitter :)

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I would have listed the same positives, and added Kennard. He seemed to get better as the season went on, even in coverage. It's very encouraging and I think he showed promise in all three phases of LB play.

Other pros include our CB who hopefully will be healthy for all of 2015.

Herzlich did look like he was turning into a fine run stopping LB, althought I'm not sure what kind of value this kind of players have today.

On offense, of course OBJ looks like the real deal. If Cruz can come back 100% (which is far from a sure thing) ...

Beatty played well, clearly the best OL, maybe the best offensive player (outside of OBJ obviously).

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Nice post, we have to add some humor to the situation to make it easier (while remembering that it's just football ^^).

As it's happened years past, the team produced just enough sugar coating to save everybody's job (or almost everybody's) and allow them to talk about that "we're not so far of" BS.

I thought Manning was done as a QB after 2013, I was wrong about that, he still is good enough if we supply him with a nice supporting cast.

Mike Sullivan is back as QB coach. It'll be interesting.

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Well a tough great season once again ...

Apart from OBJ, not much to be happy about. Beatty's bounce back and Hankins confirming, that's about it.

I do have to say I'm a little concerned by OBJ demeanor on the field, he seems very eager to pick up fights and taunt opponents.

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Man, I was fully expecting the team to implode, but I didn't expect not to score one single point.

Sad day for Giants.

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Tough win, we knew it wasn't gonna be easy. It's a good thing after that blowout in WAS, let's keep those feet on the ground. This team has improved but we're not there yet.

I'm not easily impressed by rookies but Beckham looked absolutely terrific. If this mean we'll stop force feeding Randle, it's a huge plus going forward.

Good win.

I'm expecting a totall breakdown next week, the kind we've seen so many times with Coughlin's team. ST will lead the way, allowing a couple of TDs.

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Both guards have been pulling well, I think Jerry is standing too tall when he has to run block w/o a pull though. Richburgh doesn't look like a rookie out there. Walton is not as good in space (I don't think that's a surprise from a C). It's not so much a matter of speed or quickness but of setting his body to initiate the block, and sometimes, an issue of recognizing who to block (as a veteran that should be a rare thing).

Here's a good block from Donnell :

Thing is, Richburg misses his on a pull.

Jerry has been put on an "island" as far as pass protection is concerned, it's Richburg and Walton forming a double team.

Speaking of double teams while switching to the DL, JPP isn't getting double teamed on a consistent basis anymore. He has to produce more as a pass rusher against LTs. He's a force against the run though, and leaving him unblocked backside is a really bad idea.

I just can't post w/o mentionning my man Ayers who's been impressive.

I think WAS hasn't the secondary personnel to just blitz more. The protection was good, the ball was coming out quick, putting any kind of additional pressure on his DBs was probably not something Haslett wanted to do.

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We should be able to run on them, and if we can (and Jennings doesn't fumble ...) we have a very good shot. I'm more worried about how are we gonna cover them if them come out in 10 personnel. The good thing is, with their depleted OL, they'll most likely need some help from RB and TE in pass protection, that should limit what they can do with their WRs.

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My 2 cents.

Offense : 

- Personnel : 11 rules the day for McAdoo. Very few deviation in H1, Donnell, Cruz, Randle and Parker got the lion's share. Cruz is exclusively playing the slot while Randle and Parker play either X or Z. Donnell is the only moving part, either in an H-back alignment, next to an OT or with a tight split. Washington came in for Parker in drive #5. McAdoo use 12, 22 and 21 personnel only from the middle of Q3 onwards. At that point it was 84 and 85 as TEs and 80 and 82 most of the time, with either Jennings or Williams (never both of them) with a few snaps for Hynoski. 

- QB : Manning looks in control of that offense but there's still some stuff to be worked out. I said it already, he's late throwing to Randle on timing routes outside. The Q3 back-shoulder pass was very nice though. His INT was a freak play but he had a couple of other that should have been picks. He's clearly really good in the MoF, outside passes are not as sharp. 

- OL : OTs looked very good, will take a closer look later on all-22. Pugh had a monster block on that 23y run from Williams. Pass protection was ok overall, the run blocking was not as good as last week but still effective enough. I wonder what happens when we trail and pass protectors have to hold their blocks for 3 seconds instead of 2 while deep routes are being run. 

- WR : That sideline throw to Randle with 4:32 in Q3 ? That's what I'm talking about, get up there 82. Randle was better, he's getting there but still mistakes. He needs to get the 1st donw on that 2nd & 7 (3:50, Q2). 
Cruz had another early drop but overcame it. He's always had issues with drop and that a big knock on him. After that he was Cruuuuz and I didn't pay much attention. That risky play before half to get in FG range was a beauty. Parker was not targeted a lot but he seems in sync with Manning, showing that h's got experience in the NFL. Washington is far from polished, his routes are poor. Looking at Manning's reads when 88 was on the field he's just a decoy right now. 

- TE : do I have to talk about Donnell ? Great hand, nice fluidity on his routes. I thought he got a little carelesse with his feet on TD n°1, he was very close from not having both down. Late in the game he and Fells were in primarily as blockers and did ok. 

- RB : drops ! Are you kidding me ? I was like where are the RB screens, but with hands like these it's no wonder McAdoo isn't calling them left and right. The stat was shown during the game that Jennings doesn't have a TD catch in his career. That's pretty telling. They didn't get as good blocks as they did last week and Jennings lack of vision showed. Williams seems "scared" a bit, hopefully his 23 yarder and the TD will liberate him. I went to bed with 6:00 left in Q4 but Hillis looked good on a few carries. Hynoski had an okay game. It looks like he's being involved in the passing game in the red zone but can't get away from coverage. 

- Play call : using the TE in the red zone. Seems pretty logical huh ? How many times did we ask for it while Gilbride was here ? Now I'm gonna sound like an ungrateful prick, but aren't we relying on our TE too much in the RZ ? What happens if Donnell is hurt or has a bad day ? On the 3rd drive we had a conservative shotgun draw (yeah !) on 3rd & 9. I was okay with it, I understand if everybody ain't. That's still an offense at work, don't put them in tough spots if you don't have to. Donnell is not to be put in space to get YAC, that won't work much. That play call right before the half to get in FG range wasn't conservative at all though, was it ? Very risky and it paid off. The burned TO right before wasn't pretty. Loved a throw to a TE from a 23 personnel (sometime in Q3). On the drive where Manning ended up running for a TD, we came out with a deep shot that I liked, just ... it wasn't to the right WR, Cruz isn't the one to get those balls. Problem is, he's probably the only one we can trust to be where the ball will be ... 

Offensively, aside from one or two (can't remember) bad throws from Manning and another 3 drops, it was pretty much ideal.

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@CommanderShepard I don't get the Paysinger boycott either. There must be some behind the scenes stuff going on there.

I don't agree with you on the Randle non TD. For it to be a catch you need a) control b) 2 feet AND c) a move or "some time" with control. Randle had a) and b).

I do agree on the defenseless stuff. Either it's a catch and he made a football move or it's an incomplete and he was defenseless.

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Awesome win. A divisional. In their home. 45 points. Jesus, what's not like ?

Now I'm not getting over-optimistic after this win. Their QB sucked. They had half a mile (see how I translate from the metric system for you guys ?) of penalties. But all this for later, let's just savor this one for now.

Gonna play devil's advocate here.

About those TE TDs. Eggs, basket, you know the saying. What happens when our man Donnell has a bad day ?

Manning wasn't flawless and it you decide to take off this freaky INT from his sheet you have to add the dropped INT by a DB ...

I like the offense, although I'm worried about the inefficiency of the deep passes. We can play offense when we have a lead. What happens when we trail ?

Great win.

How is Pete's name isn't Paysinger on the field ?

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Nice write up.

I'm concerned about our lack of deep passing plays. We had only one deep ball against HOU and it was awful from both WR and QB. Granted we didn't really need to have balls 20+ in the air with a 2 TD lead.

This is gonna be a tough game.

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The OL was awesome. Man. I thought that they were good players individually and that they needed time. Hopefully it keeps getting better.

I didn't like the heavy sets in the red zone, I don't think that's what our OL is. Spread'em.

Randle still isn't all he should be. His short routes are okish but he's not physical enough and on the only deep ball in H1 he ran a lazy route. Manning should never have thrown that ball btw.

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@KevinGiants That's not a breakdown. Give me 15 minutes and I'll write the same stuff about any NFL team. No added value. No mention of the offensive line, I guess it's not an important part of the offense.

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I don't agree that Manning could still lead us to a SB. I think he's done.

Pugh had some concerning plays in pass protection during the preseason. He's not helped by the people around him but still, he blew blocks regularly.

I projected this team to go 6-10 before the preseason. Considering how bad the offense looked, I think I have to change that projection. 4-12 is too depressing to think about, so let's go with 5-11.

Those games against JAX, TEN and HOU may be some of the worst football hours of the 2014 NFL season.

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@jfoster Thing is, if this is a rebuilding/lost year and Manning doesn't perform, the QB situation will be very interesting in 2015. Manning will have cap hit of $20M but only $2M of dead money so cutting him will be a possibility.

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Going into the preseason I thought that 2014 was gonna be a lost season, the team going 6-10 at best with an offense working to get together. I haven't changed my mind. The QB situation will be an interesting topic in the spring.

The thing that worries me the most is Manning's demeanor on the field. He looks freaking scared of NFL defenders.

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Nassib's INT (nullified by penalty) is crazy. Where was he throwing this ?

The checkdown was 7y back, the post route was 7y downfield.

- 0.22 WPA on this play by Nassib. Awful.

And what happened on the intentional grounding ? 6 pass protection guys on the right side, no one on the left side. I'm guessing Brewer made a mistake leaving #54 on his own. Plus that DE was in the throwing lane of the only quick route by a WR on the play. Btw, 2nd & 2, we run 2 deep routes ? We sure Gilbride's gone ?

No coaches film in preseason, that sucks.

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Sad news about Wilson ... He's most likely done with football.

"I don't want anybody to feel sorry for me, or pity me," Wilson said. "I lived my dream. A lot of people only get to dream their dream. I lived that dream. Now I have a chance to dream another dream and live that, too."

Gotta love the attitude.

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I have just watched the 1st half.

I know it's preseason (well technically not even) but I still wished for some different formations. The play calling was renewed but the formations looked very Gilbride-like. Not a problem, just kinda disappointed.

The OL is not there yet at all. Mosley looked absolutely lost. Brown looks kinda ok, better than I expected.

If we keep a FB, Hynoski took an early lead I think. He was there against the 1s and played better than Conner.

I like what I saw from Nassib. Clean footwork, didn't finish his throwing motion the way you'd hope though. Looked calm, poised. I wish they'd play him with the 1s sometime but considering Manning has a new offensive system to get working, it's unlikely.

Overall the O struggled, we got it going on the ground when BUF 2s were in.

Pat Traina at Inside Football had noticed in practice that the DL was getting their hands up and it was confirmed during the game.

I still don't like what I see from JPP, he seems lazy with his hands. Hankins might be the real deal. He did play extended time (still on the field after the 2 min warning in H1).

Herzlich showed some coverage abilities I didn't know he had. He's no Willis but I'll take it.

I like the secondary. Man coverage baby. Taylor did look a little slow back there.

Weatherford looked careless on that blocked punt, he was slow, like "it's preseason, I got time, who cares ?".

McManus could very well end up with the PK job.

I think you are way too harsh in 5)

Wilson does hold the NYG record for all-purpose yards in a game I believe.

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@RussWellen1 Tough to say that Jernigan is being wasted. He played in garbage time and against 2 bottom 10 pass defenses ... I can't remember if he did anything in preseason ? Did he play with the 1s ?

About McAdoo, I thought of that as soon as he brought his whole possee with him. I think it's the idea, to have him take Coughlin's place. I have absolutely nothing to back this up though.

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Still no Beckham on the field ...

Yet "only" two injuries so far, it seems less than years past. Is Coughlin's softer policy having an impact ?

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I was doing a little tape/stat "analysis" on Jernigan, he's got a pretty awesome 9.5 Y/T when targeted in the short middle (between the numbers, less than 16 yards). The sample is big enough I think (22 targets) to be something to look at in 2014.

That's a Desean Jackson number.

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I totally missed that post. Great job, it's important to be able to track how mocks turn out.

Nicely done Wonder.

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First thing first : thank you Mr Snee for everything you gave the New York Football Giants during the last 10 years.

Snee has got to be the second greatest Olineman of the history of the franchise.

It's sad to see him go but it's the good decision for everyone as we saw what happened when players try too paly too long. Stop while your body is still good for a few things ... and let the new guys make their own place.

Like most fans I have a lots of hopes but when I start and think about it I realize that most of them are misplaced.

The front seven scares me. As you said, who's gonna rush the QB ? Who's gonna cover TEs ?

On paper (...) the secondary could be very good but they'll need help from the pass rusher. Even DRC at his best (and that's top 3 in the NFL) can't cover Megatron for 5 seconds.

I cannot wait to see what McAdoo sets up. Manning is accurate on short, timing throws. There's no question he's got the will and intelligence to master whatever's in that playbook.

Jernigan, Cruz and Wilson look like perfect fit for what we believe that offense will be.

The question mark is the OL. We have to consider Pugh and Schwartz solid starters coming in - the opposite would be way to pessimistic, even for us here ...

Walton is an issue in my mind. I'll admit I haven't seen him play, so I'll PFF on him. -12 as a rookie, -26 as a sophomore, 4 ok games in 2012 and nothing ever since. That sounds to me like this guy is not a starting C in the NFL. Because even if he comes back, he hasn't shown anything in 4 years. Hoping he starts performing in 2014 is like those guys who thought that Barden didn't do anything because he wasn't given an opportunity. C'mon : he was not good enough for the NFL, period.

The RG question is not looking good either. Mosley could turn into something, who knows, we haven't seen him play. What we've seen are injuries. Jerry (going with PFF again) was average the last 2 years. Would average be good enough at RG ?

Well if we get Beatty 2012 back and Richburg delivers right from the start, I'd say yes, an average RG would be good enough.

Those are two big IFs though.

Quick about ST : I don't want Holliday catching (well, trying to catch) punt or kicks back there. I'd rather have Randle fair catch every kick in the season.

Good to be back here. Football is only 6 weeks away boys !

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@CommanderShepard At one point you have to do something. The guy was a head case coming out of college. He gets suspended 3 consecutive seasons. That's enough.

The coaches don't want to have to game plan for a guy, then learn he's not playing for 6 games, game plan for another guy and then switch back.

I like the decision by the staff.

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It's been a long time since I've commented ...

I like what Jerry has done during this free agency so far. He has not overpayed anyone I think except maybe Beason who I don't like that much.

Low risk high reward signings. Those contrast with his draft attitude of late, where he seems to go for the other side of the coin ...

On paper (yeah, ok, I know ...) the secondary looks awesome.

I watched some film on Jennings and I like the guy. I have to admit I didn't know much more than his name when he signed.

Low carreer carries number, he's younger in "RB years". That's good.

He's no homerunner but do we care ?  His pass protection is good (he's no Bradshaw though), he's powerful and doesn't freaking fumble.

Let's not forget that we are in this FA "frenzy" for a reason : we can't draft anymore.

Here's to hopping that they are as active and efficient in the "scouts FA" and are making the team of prospects study better.

1 year ago on Holliday, Manningham, Jerry sign with Giants


JPP definitely looked better, and some of that was playing the Vikes who abonned the run because 1/ AP didn't look like himself 2/ we stopped it pretty well. Still, just looking at his speed which doesn't depend on who's playing, you can see he was better.

To quickly have a pretty good idea of how a squad is doing, I like looking at FO's DVOA ratings better than the sum of PFF ratings.

1 year, 5 months ago on Pierre-Paul Shows Signs of a Return to Form


A win ! Good. Awful football though. The fact that we need to play one of the worst teams in the league, with a new QB and a RB at 50% to get a win is not reassuring. I would not be surprised if this were our only win this season.

JPP did look a little better, but how much of that is the opposition ? Rogers was a force in the middle.

After an OK game in Chicago, Conner was good monday night, even though he doesn't look like a natural when running routes ...

1 year, 5 months ago on NYG 23 MIN 7


I agree, I want Cox out there,not Hillis.

I did a little analysis on Conner. He seems to have good technique but he really was helped by CHI LBs. In the picture below he ends up basically blocking 2 LBs (green arrow is Diehl, not Conner ...) because #57 couldn't locate Jacobs and ran into #52 ...

While looking at Conner I noticed that Pascoe did have a fine day as well. Look at this block on a DE (Pascoe is indicated with the orange arrow):

You'll also see that Pugh kinda gets lost and Diehl is almost pushed back into Jacobs. Conner is blocking on Major Wright on the far left. Briggs, who looks like he was Pugh's responsability, will end up making the play for a loss of 1y.

1 year, 5 months ago on Cox, Giants Run Game Set to Build on Week 6 Effort


The greatest disappointment as far as I'm concerned is Beatty. And it's not even close.

He was clearly a top 10 LT last season, which earned him top 10 LT money and the following years he's below average ? C'mon.

1 year, 5 months ago on Making sense of 0-6


I'm wondering how much our good run D is explained by the leads other team build. I mean you're up by 14 or 17, you run and the defense expects it. Could that play a role? It does increase the number of rushing attemps though, so you must be pretty consistent to get a fine result as they do. We have the most rushing attemps against with 163 (tied with JAX - yes it's as bas as it sounds), allowing 3.9y every time (that's middle of the pack).

In any case we saw against Philly that once Vick was out, and with him the threat of scrambles, we were pretty effective against the best RB in the league.

1 year, 5 months ago on Backs to the Wall


We've all be asking for it for years. Previously it was a matter of just being better.

Now it's a matter of survival. The craziest thing is that we SAW it works, I mean we had our best drive of the last 4 games using short passes. And right back to the deep bombs. Unbelievable. Of course the simple fact that it was a one time occurrence might explain its succes.

1 year, 5 months ago on When the Tide Goes Out


Interesting write-up. BBV did the same for the INTs against the Eagles.

You only agree on the last one.

1 year, 5 months ago on A Look at all 12 of Eli Manning's 2013 INTs


Oh I'm not sure about that though. I could see him being "kindly" forced into retirement.

1 year, 5 months ago on PHI 36 NYG 21


We're not firing a 2 time SB winning coach mid-season.

1 year, 5 months ago on PHI 36 NYG 21


And remember Matt McCants ? He played better than any of our OTs ....

1 year, 5 months ago on PHI 36 NYG 21


"Is there any chance that Eli opts out of the shorter passes and goes with the long ball on his own?  Is that a possibility?  Is it possible he just isn't as confident in the shorter passes and naturally goes for the longer passes?"

Why would he ?
1. They don't play enough of them to build "non confidence" in them, do they ?
2. When they do use those, it seems to work.

1 year, 5 months ago on PHI 36 NYG 21


Well he's a QB in NY and the media, well, they are the media. It's easier to pick on the clumsy looking QB (sorry Eli) than discuss the short comings of the OC ...

I'm with you on Nicks. Has anyone told the man that this is a freaking contract year ? Lack of effort is pretty evident to me. Cruz + Randle is starting to look like an evidence for 2014. And I'll be fine with it (it's week 5, that could obviously change). Cruz signed his big contract and shows more heart, more willingness than the man on a contract year. Wait, what ? It speaks volume on both players I think.

1 year, 5 months ago on PHI 36 NYG 21


 I was gonna come here and advocate for a change at OC using Rivers as an example of how that move sometimes is a good thing even if the offense problems are not squarely on his shoulders. I was gonna say that maybe Manning is somehow "too comfortable" in Gilbride's system, how maybe he doesn't challenge himself enought, how perhaps they're installed in some kind of routine. Before saying that I wanted to watch another game from Rivers first. So I watched SD@OAK and he threw awful interceptions and kinda crashed my argument before it even took off.

Talking about OCs, I really like what Olson did during the early stages of that game : lots of different looks, nice route combinaisons, getting the backup FB involved in the passing game … Then he went 14 points ahead and it was I formation with a blocking TE all the way. Too bad. I'll watch more of their games.

1 year, 5 months ago on PHI 36 NYG 21