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I was doing a little tape/stat "analysis" on Jernigan, he's got a pretty awesome 9.5 Y/T when targeted in the short middle (between the numbers, less than 16 yards). The sample is big enough I think (22 targets) to be something to look at in 2014.

That's a Desean Jackson number.

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I totally missed that post. Great job, it's important to be able to track how mocks turn out.

Nicely done Wonder.

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First thing first : thank you Mr Snee for everything you gave the New York Football Giants during the last 10 years.

Snee has got to be the second greatest Olineman of the history of the franchise.

It's sad to see him go but it's the good decision for everyone as we saw what happened when players try too paly too long. Stop while your body is still good for a few things ... and let the new guys make their own place.

Like most fans I have a lots of hopes but when I start and think about it I realize that most of them are misplaced.

The front seven scares me. As you said, who's gonna rush the QB ? Who's gonna cover TEs ?

On paper (...) the secondary could be very good but they'll need help from the pass rusher. Even DRC at his best (and that's top 3 in the NFL) can't cover Megatron for 5 seconds.

I cannot wait to see what McAdoo sets up. Manning is accurate on short, timing throws. There's no question he's got the will and intelligence to master whatever's in that playbook.

Jernigan, Cruz and Wilson look like perfect fit for what we believe that offense will be.

The question mark is the OL. We have to consider Pugh and Schwartz solid starters coming in - the opposite would be way to pessimistic, even for us here ...

Walton is an issue in my mind. I'll admit I haven't seen him play, so I'll PFF on him. -12 as a rookie, -26 as a sophomore, 4 ok games in 2012 and nothing ever since. That sounds to me like this guy is not a starting C in the NFL. Because even if he comes back, he hasn't shown anything in 4 years. Hoping he starts performing in 2014 is like those guys who thought that Barden didn't do anything because he wasn't given an opportunity. C'mon : he was not good enough for the NFL, period.

The RG question is not looking good either. Mosley could turn into something, who knows, we haven't seen him play. What we've seen are injuries. Jerry (going with PFF again) was average the last 2 years. Would average be good enough at RG ?

Well if we get Beatty 2012 back and Richburg delivers right from the start, I'd say yes, an average RG would be good enough.

Those are two big IFs though.

Quick about ST : I don't want Holliday catching (well, trying to catch) punt or kicks back there. I'd rather have Randle fair catch every kick in the season.

Good to be back here. Football is only 6 weeks away boys !

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@CommanderShepard At one point you have to do something. The guy was a head case coming out of college. He gets suspended 3 consecutive seasons. That's enough.

The coaches don't want to have to game plan for a guy, then learn he's not playing for 6 games, game plan for another guy and then switch back.

I like the decision by the staff.

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It's been a long time since I've commented ...

I like what Jerry has done during this free agency so far. He has not overpayed anyone I think except maybe Beason who I don't like that much.

Low risk high reward signings. Those contrast with his draft attitude of late, where he seems to go for the other side of the coin ...

On paper (yeah, ok, I know ...) the secondary looks awesome.

I watched some film on Jennings and I like the guy. I have to admit I didn't know much more than his name when he signed.

Low carreer carries number, he's younger in "RB years". That's good.

He's no homerunner but do we care ?  His pass protection is good (he's no Bradshaw though), he's powerful and doesn't freaking fumble.

Let's not forget that we are in this FA "frenzy" for a reason : we can't draft anymore.

Here's to hopping that they are as active and efficient in the "scouts FA" and are making the team of prospects study better.

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JPP definitely looked better, and some of that was playing the Vikes who abonned the run because 1/ AP didn't look like himself 2/ we stopped it pretty well. Still, just looking at his speed which doesn't depend on who's playing, you can see he was better.

To quickly have a pretty good idea of how a squad is doing, I like looking at FO's DVOA ratings better than the sum of PFF ratings.

9 months ago on Pierre-Paul Shows Signs of a Return to Form


A win ! Good. Awful football though. The fact that we need to play one of the worst teams in the league, with a new QB and a RB at 50% to get a win is not reassuring. I would not be surprised if this were our only win this season.

JPP did look a little better, but how much of that is the opposition ? Rogers was a force in the middle.

After an OK game in Chicago, Conner was good monday night, even though he doesn't look like a natural when running routes ...

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I agree, I want Cox out there,not Hillis.

I did a little analysis on Conner. He seems to have good technique but he really was helped by CHI LBs. In the picture below he ends up basically blocking 2 LBs (green arrow is Diehl, not Conner ...) because #57 couldn't locate Jacobs and ran into #52 ...

While looking at Conner I noticed that Pascoe did have a fine day as well. Look at this block on a DE (Pascoe is indicated with the orange arrow):

You'll also see that Pugh kinda gets lost and Diehl is almost pushed back into Jacobs. Conner is blocking on Major Wright on the far left. Briggs, who looks like he was Pugh's responsability, will end up making the play for a loss of 1y.

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The greatest disappointment as far as I'm concerned is Beatty. And it's not even close.

He was clearly a top 10 LT last season, which earned him top 10 LT money and the following years he's below average ? C'mon.

9 months, 1 week ago on Making sense of 0-6


I'm wondering how much our good run D is explained by the leads other team build. I mean you're up by 14 or 17, you run and the defense expects it. Could that play a role? It does increase the number of rushing attemps though, so you must be pretty consistent to get a fine result as they do. We have the most rushing attemps against with 163 (tied with JAX - yes it's as bas as it sounds), allowing 3.9y every time (that's middle of the pack).

In any case we saw against Philly that once Vick was out, and with him the threat of scrambles, we were pretty effective against the best RB in the league.

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We've all be asking for it for years. Previously it was a matter of just being better.

Now it's a matter of survival. The craziest thing is that we SAW it works, I mean we had our best drive of the last 4 games using short passes. And right back to the deep bombs. Unbelievable. Of course the simple fact that it was a one time occurrence might explain its succes.

9 months, 2 weeks ago on When the Tide Goes Out


Interesting write-up. BBV did the same for the INTs against the Eagles.

You only agree on the last one.

9 months, 3 weeks ago on A Look at all 12 of Eli Manning's 2013 INTs


Oh I'm not sure about that though. I could see him being "kindly" forced into retirement.

9 months, 3 weeks ago on PHI 36 NYG 21


We're not firing a 2 time SB winning coach mid-season.

9 months, 3 weeks ago on PHI 36 NYG 21


And remember Matt McCants ? He played better than any of our OTs ....

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"Is there any chance that Eli opts out of the shorter passes and goes with the long ball on his own?  Is that a possibility?  Is it possible he just isn't as confident in the shorter passes and naturally goes for the longer passes?"

Why would he ?
1. They don't play enough of them to build "non confidence" in them, do they ?
2. When they do use those, it seems to work.

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Well he's a QB in NY and the media, well, they are the media. It's easier to pick on the clumsy looking QB (sorry Eli) than discuss the short comings of the OC ...

I'm with you on Nicks. Has anyone told the man that this is a freaking contract year ? Lack of effort is pretty evident to me. Cruz + Randle is starting to look like an evidence for 2014. And I'll be fine with it (it's week 5, that could obviously change). Cruz signed his big contract and shows more heart, more willingness than the man on a contract year. Wait, what ? It speaks volume on both players I think.

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 I was gonna come here and advocate for a change at OC using Rivers as an example of how that move sometimes is a good thing even if the offense problems are not squarely on his shoulders. I was gonna say that maybe Manning is somehow "too comfortable" in Gilbride's system, how maybe he doesn't challenge himself enought, how perhaps they're installed in some kind of routine. Before saying that I wanted to watch another game from Rivers first. So I watched SD@OAK and he threw awful interceptions and kinda crashed my argument before it even took off.

Talking about OCs, I really like what Olson did during the early stages of that game : lots of different looks, nice route combinaisons, getting the backup FB involved in the passing game … Then he went 14 points ahead and it was I formation with a blocking TE all the way. Too bad. I'll watch more of their games.

9 months, 3 weeks ago on PHI 36 NYG 21


Holy Molly.

Gilbride had one good drive (the second TD drive I think) where he used quick passes. We get the Eagles D on their heels, we score and the next drive we're back throwing deep bombs. How can you not see what's working and what's not ?

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I agree on Vick, he's been good when kept upright. I feel PHI's OL is weirdly bad in pass protection this season but they should be good enough to keep our "pass rushers" in check. The thing is they're awesome in run blocking and 3 of our DT are on the injury report (Joseph being out). We also lost Ross for the year. This could be a very long day, I can see us allowing 40 points ... easy.

Interesting take on Kelly. Not sure how "defensive dominance" is a necessity though. And I think it's pretty clear that the Giants of 07 and 11 should not be taken as examples of how to win a SB ...

I'm not sure how you see the Eagles scoring only 17 on us. CAR scored 38 for crying out lout ! OK, any 38-0 game is an abnormality, and PHI poor defense might help our own defense a little bit.

45-33 Philly.

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Nice write up.

The only issue I have with the secondary are missed tackles.

Weatherford hasn't been playing well and it doesn't help : our D starts drive on the 32.48 "yard line", that 31st in the league (KC was #1 btw with 20 ...).

9 months, 3 weeks ago on Week 4 Loss Proves to be More of Same for Big Blue


Kinda lost in all this is how awful the ST are this season ... Football Outsiders have us as the 2nd worst ST unit since 1989 !

9 months, 4 weeks ago on KC 31 NYG 7


For instance, from Manning' s post game interview : "We said we're going to attack these corners, throw the ball down the field and try to get some big plays".

When you have blockers that cannot protect your QB, is that really the best game plan coming in ?

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Well Gilbride isn't the main problem, it's the OL.

But you can't just change your OL, so it'd be nice if Gilbride would try and help them a little bit.

And calling posts and 7 routes on every snap isn't helping the OL.

9 months, 4 weeks ago on KC 31 NYG 7


@CommanderShepard Look at ATL against MIA. Okay they ended up losing but the ball was out in 2 seconds most of the time, it completely shut down their pass rush in the beginning of the game. Of course Wake being hurt helped.

The work of the OC was nice as well. He came in passing on 65% of plays in the first drive. It was 45% in the second and then 25% in the 3rd, because they were running so well.

10 months ago on Snee, Beatty and Pugh Stand Out in Week 3 Disaster


As far as conerbacks are concerned, let's talk about a guy who's had 3 snaps this season, Jayron Hosley.

As a rookie I didn't expect anything as CBs, even top 10 picks, struggle their 1st year.

He was supposed to be our SCB and got beaten by a guy coming back from 2 ACLs. Not good.

He's still only in his second year so no need to get all doom and gloom about his play, but still, he'd be nice to see him a little more out there.

10 months ago on Secondary Proves to be Bright Spot on Big Blue D


@mjcannella I'm as surprised as you, it's so great to see him out there.

He's not well rated in pass coverage (-4.6) while his run defense is ok (+1.2).

The poor grade in coverage is mostly due to Wes Welker and Julius Thomas.

10 months ago on Secondary Proves to be Bright Spot on Big Blue D


Sack #5

  All-22 at the snap
On a 3rd & 3, Randle is running a fade or a corner route, looks like it's Manning's first read (crazy no?). Nicks has some kind of dig with a break 10y downfield while Cruz gets an out route from the slot. That's a nice concept against zone but the coverage is something like 2-Man here.
The TE's runnig an out with a 10y deep break and the RB has some kind of pattern underneath.
The defense puts Kuechly on our TE, Davis on the RB and the 3CBs are man 2 man on the WRs.   All-22 2 seconds after the snap
Manning has not looked left at that point. Randle is running his deep route and won't be available anytime soon. It's a little early to checkdown so I'm guessing Manning's looking at the TE. He might be late runnig his route as the LB jammed him : no break yet from the TE. Nowhere to go at this point.   All-22 3 seconds after the snap
Nothin's changed for the WR, good coverage by the CBs. The one on Nicks is about to get out of position but it doesn't matter, Manning's getting sacked.
Kuechly is all over the TE while Davis is closing fast on the RB which is on the top of his route, just on the 1st down marker.
The pocket has collapsed. Boothe is trying to stop Horton in what seems desesperate and illegal fashion. Manning (arrow) has secured the ball and getting ready for the hit.   Quick sack here really, in less than 3s all is said and done so the OL is very much responsible.
Still no quick route, the closest thing is Cruz on his out, but that would be a crazy throw from the opposite hash marks to the outside of the numbers with a WR running away. Plus Cruz is stopping, the CB would jump that throw.
The only solution seems to be the RB although it's a split second throw and a DT is in the throwing lane, behind Baas. I wanna say Gillbride and the OL on this one.
So there you go, a little bit of blame for everyone. During the broadcast Billick was talking about coverage snaps. It's partly true, but considering the plays that were called, it's tough for the WR to do much.
Both play actions were absolutely useless, nobody bit on them.

10 months ago on Snee, Beatty and Pugh Stand Out in Week 3 Disaster


Sack #4

  All-22 at the snap
It's a 1st & 10, both WR are running route that will get them to the 1st down marker : comeback for Cruz, post for Nicks.
There's a play action going on, Jacobs (Scott ?) then will look for someone to block and run in the flat if no one comes up. The FB runs straight ahead until 5y beyond the LoS. CAR is still in zone. 58 will blitz from Manning's right side.   All-22 2 seconds after the snap
Manning's already feelint the pressure on his left, even if Beatty is doind all he can to push the DE around him. Lotulelei is beating his man, the TE on the right side seems to be handling the blitzer well.
Nicks seems like an option at this point. He's got separation and is being covered by Dratyon Florence, he should be able to beat him 1 on 1. Our friend Blackburn is underneath the would be throw though. Plus it's just 7-0 at this point. Yet I feel Manning should pull the trigger there.   All-22 3 seconds after the snap
I was being nice to the OL when I wrote this was a 4s snap. This is 3s and the play is basically dead. Once again though, Manning seems to be going in protection mode quickly.
The RB is open, 5y from Manning, clear throwing lane. The closest defender is Kuechly, 10y away.
Nicks is covered, Cruz is open I think. The TE is open but Kuechly is running to him, throwing there is risking a pick or a huge hit on you TE who's a sitting duck.   I wanna blame Manning there as well, it looks like the pass rush is getting to his head (Ok, hard to really "blame" a guy for that) and does see his checkdown. The RB also have a blocker (Cruz) downfield and could get some nice yardage if not a 1st down if he catches the ball. Even if he drops, it's better than the sack.
Once again no quick route like slant, dig, curl or quick out.

10 months ago on Snee, Beatty and Pugh Stand Out in Week 3 Disaster


Sack #3

All-22 at snap
Just after sack #2, on a 2nd & 21. Here again we have long developing routes also it makes way more sense. Coverage is zone and CBs are playing it safe, teh FS will drop way downfield.
The TE will hit the DE on his way underneath. The RB is in pass protection, turning into a checkdown option if he has nobody to block (which will be the case).

All-22 2 seconds after the snap
All WR are still running their route, no breaks yet. The TE did what he had to do with the DE, he's running his route, Kuechly's on him.
The RB marked a stop, most likely to ID the pass rushers and then takes off. The pocket is ok, moving backwards but mostly okay.

All-22 3 seconds after the snap
Manning looks like he's feeling the fear, it does look like he's tucking this a little fast (MMQB on full throttle here). He kinda run inside the collapsing pocket while it's exactly where Beatty is redirecting the DE. There seems to be some space on the left, the RB is there too. We wouldn't have gotten a 3rd & 8 out of a scramble or a checkdown but it would have been better than a -7y sack.
Cruz is wide open in the middle, Randle as well but there's a CB eyeing Manning and he's standing right in the throwing lane.
The TE is double teamed by the LBs.

I think maybe Cruz should cut inside, the S is till going backwards 2s after the snap, he only starts coming back to Cruz 3s after the snap. Also the TE is keeping the LBs busy underneath.
Beatty is badly beaten. I feel Manning has a lot of responsability in this one though.

10 months ago on Snee, Beatty and Pugh Stand Out in Week 3 Disaster


Sack #2

All-22 at the snap
That's a 1st & 10 and long developing routes are called : all breaks for receivers (WRs outside, TE on the hash marks) are 15y downfield.
The RB seems to be the checkdown in a kind of flat route.

All-22 2 seconds after the snap
- Pugh is taking care of the blitzing LB
- Pascoe as FB is working Kuechly who's more in gap control vs the RB than a pass rusher
- Lotulelei is being double teams by Baas and Boothe
- Snee is 1 on 1 vs the LDE
- Beatty is against the other DT (RDE - Hardy - dropped in coverage)

No receiver is even close to finishing is route, Meyers could break inside where there's some room, he won't. The RB is still in the pocket, no checkdown available.
The ride side of the line is beaten, half a second later Manning will tuck it and go down.

2.5s and the pocket is virtually gone. In a 5 vs 4 situation, that's not good.
The play action doesn't fool a-ny-one in the defense. I know our running game is bad - but that bad ? Blackburn ?
The play calling could be questionned as well, no quick route. This is the second drive so it's clear by now that pressure will get there quick. I'm guessing it's still the pregame established script being run at this point of the game but c'mon, didn't they anticipated the OL getting beat like this ?

10 months ago on Snee, Beatty and Pugh Stand Out in Week 3 Disaster


I had a closer look at the sacks taken by Manning.

Sack 1: 3rd & 5, 2.6 seconds from the snap to the sack, 6 pass protectors vs 4 pass rushers, no blitz.

Sack 2: 1st & 10, 3.1s, 6 PP, 4PR (a DE in coverage, a LB pass rushing)

Sack 3: 2nd & 21, 3.9s, 5PP, 4PR, no blitz

Sack 4: 1st & 10, 4.1s, 7PP, 5PR (a LB blitzing)

Sack 5: 3rd & 3, 3s, 5PP, 4PR, no blitz

Sack 6: 1 & 20, 2.7s, 6PP, 4PR, no blitz

Sack 7: 3 & 11, 2.8s, 6PP, 4PR, no blitz

Quick "analysis".

The accepted theory is that a sack over 3s is on the QB. So here we have a distribution that would make Gauss proud : a sack in 3s, 3 over, 3 under. Of course the crazy thing that jumps out is that we got destroyed by pretty straight forward pass rush. 6 times a sack came with 4 men rushing (and the LB wasn't disguising it at all), just one on a blitz by a LB (no disguise there neither). We always had more blockers than there were rushers and most of the time we had 2 more.

I made a quick study of the long sacks (3s and over). I'm pretty knew at football so it would be more a "tell me where I am wrong" thing than a lecture :)

10 months ago on Snee, Beatty and Pugh Stand Out in Week 3 Disaster


I have to admit this makes sense, to some extent.

Blackburn was there last season too.

10 months ago on Chase Black-burned


KC had more very high quality players than wins last year, they were not a 2-14 roster.

Their defense is better than what we faced so far and it will be a very tough game. On the offensive side Smith is really a no factor as a passer but they have a guy in the backfield that could run us over.

Outside of Fisher their OL locked pretty good to me and their DL, while not Carolina's, isn't that far off.

We got beat in the tranches vs CAR, the same thing could very well happen next sunday.

+9 in TO diff, +12 in toxic diff, +12 ppg diff. They look like their record (of course they won't go 16-0) - their pythagorean wins are at 2.5 (small sample though).

I'm not liking this at all. I have hope but

10 months ago on CAR 38 NYG 0


I actually thought that Wilson ran *well* considering. He was driven, forced a few missed tackles.

And he may be our best pass protector after all ^^

10 months ago on CAR 38 NYG 0


They just outplayed us one on one, there's no need to know the gameplan for that.

10 months, 1 week ago on CAR 38 NYG 0


I agree, the pressure on Manning was pretty bad but it did look like he had *some* time on most sacks. All-22 isn't available before wednesday I think, it'll be interesting to see what was what.

At some point in H1 it did look like Manning wasn't even looking downfield much anyway, the beating had gotten in its head by then.

It's Rueben Randle by the way.

10 months, 1 week ago on CAR 38 NYG 0


I got my time machine to work !

We're in the 70s, right ?

10 months, 1 week ago on Some NY Giants Game Film Stats from PFF


I've looked at the DT alignment for the first 2 games (150 plays here, coaches film must be missing a few...).

- I'm not a pro, so any technique I give in the file is approx.

- Overall, it's either Joseph + Jenkins or Patterson + Rogers. This was particularly true in the second game with only 3 snaps not following this scheme (18 in DAL). I hadn't noticed that and it's quite surprising to me. It'll be interesting to see how this goes in CAR.

- When in "standard packages" (J+J or P+R) Joseph and Patterson are always the LDT. Joseph absolutely always plays LDT this season, same for Rogers on the right side. At first I wanted to keep track of who's playing weakside or strongside but it looks to me that guys just have their sides, quite like our CBs. Patterson is the one switching depending on who's playing alonside him : he's on the left when Rogers or Jenkins are in the game, he's on the right when Joseph is on.

- Tuck had 17 snaps at DT, always on the left side, and only once was he not next to Jenkins (Rogers was the other DT on 1 play). He's the only DE who played there, althoug Kiwi lined up between the tackles on 1 play vs Denver. Patterson and Rogers were on the field for that play so I kept them as DT, Kiwi was just a DE lined up in the middle (that's the play with 93 in 7-technique, outside the TE).

- Outside of plays with Tuck as DT, Jenkins only played 2 snaps with somebody else than Jospeh.

- I also wanted to keep track of double teams but it turned out to be quite even between the players.

- As far as "techniques" go, there doesn't seem to be a rule. It would be interesting to track if techniques depend on weak/strong side but ... well.

10 months, 1 week ago on Some NY Giants Game Film Stats from PFF


They also write interesting articles. While 3TFO and ReFO are nice to have an overview of other teams strengths and weaknesses, the good stuff is the film analysis.

Anyway I said I liked our DT rotation before the season (not that I was the only one saying that !) and it's been one of the very few bright spot of this team so far.

The defense played 156 snaps over the 1st 2 games (Rolle being the only player on the field for all of them by the way - he's the player who's taken the most snaps since the season he came over btw²).

DTs snap count:

Jenkins 92

Joseph 85

Rogers 61

Patterson 60

So while we have 2 starters and 2 subs, it's not like Rogers and Patterson are not very active.

In DAL, Hayden and Hatcher have taken 111 and 106 snaps (overall D : 132 snaps). Next is Cohen with 38 and finally Long with 18.

In ATL it's 121, 109, 74 snaps for the DTs.

Now what interesting I think are the assignments they're given : they pass rush on 65%, 61%, 66% and 60% of their snaps (same order, Jenkins, Joseph so on).

It's not like the coaches think "ok, we have this guy who's gonna play the run and this guy who's gonna play the pass".

And if we look at PFF grades for the big guys, they may be wrong about that.

Let's compare the DTs grades overall, in pass rush and run D [it doesn't add up as I'm not counting penalties and the 1 coverage snap that earned Patterson a -1 (what's up with that PFF btw ? A DT has one cover snap in 60 and it cuts his grade by 33% ?) I tweaked Mike's overall rating because ... c'mon.]

Jenkins : 1.5 / 0.6 / 0.5

Joseph : 1.9 / 1.6 / 0.9

Rogers : 2.3 / -1.0 / 3.1

Patterson : 2.8 / -1.8 / 4.6

So Rogers and Patterson are our best DTs ?

Ok maybe palying those 20 extra snaps would get them tired and lower the grades but still, that's pretty nice.

What also jumps out are the difference between pass rush and run D.

Rogers and Patterson don't do much in pass rush - it's not like J&J are awesome or anything, but they are better. The real difference though comes in run D where Rogers and Patterson really seem to be an upgrade.

Now what would be interesting is watch where those guys play (1 or 3 technique) and when they are on the field. The snap count seems to indicate that we don't use the DT depending on the situation (ie obvious running downs).

Maybe we should ?

10 months, 1 week ago on Some NY Giants Game Film Stats from PFF


As an added stat about play action, FO has the Giants using it on 17% of plays, 26th in the league. That's 2012 numbers.

In 2011 : 14% / 29th

In 2010 : 16% / 24th

Here's a thing we're pretty consistent at ...

10 months, 3 weeks ago on Giants, Manning Must Rediscover 2011 Explosion for 2013 Success


I've been with PFF for a year now and yeah, it's pretty neat.

What would be great is UNYG offering plays breakdown and such. It does look like NO NYG blog does that today.

10 months, 3 weeks ago on Ultimate22 Version 2.0


I never understood trying to trade right before the cut deadline: it's a clear indication that you'll be releasing the guy, isn't it ? Then why would any GM trade for it when there's a 90% chance the player will be available for nothing a few hours later ?

I was really surprised when we only kept 5 LBs. First that's not a lot and second Bosworth seemed somewhat deserving of a roster spot.

I had Austin cut in my "projection" of the 53. I thought he never showed much and Rogers and Patterson looked good. Rogers even looked fast, what about that ? I like our DT rotation.

On the other side of the ball we have 4 Tes, what's up with that ? I haven't watch Donnell closely. Myers can't block to save his life while Pascoe seems to gradually improve in that department.

Good to have the comments back.

10 months, 4 weeks ago on Giants Roster, Odds in Game 1


I couldn't care less about who's getting in the HoF and who's not.


Can't wait for the big game, I hope the 49ers get this one.

1 year, 5 months ago on Pre Supe XLVII Comments


Well it wasn't over at half time ...

1 year, 6 months ago on NFL XMAS IS JANUARY


I agree on Manning and playoffs. And nobody talks about that either.


2 great games yesterday (even though the NFC game was over when 49ers went up 14 points : Rodgers don't do comebacks), this one tonight looks like it's over at half time though.

I don't see the Falcons beating the 49ers though.

1 year, 6 months ago on NFL XMAS IS JANUARY


Goodbye Redskins ...


Griffin is hurt again - I'm not rejoying in any way, let's be clear.


Comparing him to Michael Vick may not be the smartest thing to do, but still ... is he already in the cycle injury - rush back too early - major injury ?


He's only missed 1 full game but Cousin had to take 109 snaps - that's 10% of the offense total (postseason included).

1 year, 6 months ago on 10 Reasons Why I am Rooting for the Redskins


I hate the Skins as much as the Eagles and the Cowgirls.


I hope they lose. Plus, I like Seattle's D.

1 year, 6 months ago on 10 Reasons Why I am Rooting for the Redskins


Always good to beat the Eagles, even though watching the Cowboys and Redskins battle for the NFC East crown was tough.


Another typical season for us, 3 great games, a few awful no shows and and a lot of "meh" in between.


Now let's watch some playoffs.

1 year, 6 months ago on NYG 42 PHL 7