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 @AlexanderMaunu  @hopsing Wow, how stupid are you? Did you even bother to read his comment? You say that his comment is not based in reality, and then go on to argue the EXACT SAME POINT that the 1 year Torres deal makes sense. The only differnece is that hopsing uses facts and stats to back his arguemnt up (i.e. numbers that exist in realitiy) while you use nothing except your opinion. 


Also I personally know hopsing, I have been going to games with him since I was a child, and I'm sure he was going with my dad before I was even born. If anyone is a fake ass front runner fan it would be your sorry ass... More offense than they have had in the last 10 years combined? Shows how long you have been paying attention, try 2004 when the Giants scored 850 runs compared to the 718 they scored this year...

2 years, 3 months ago on Andres Torres Signing Slams the Brakes on the Giants' 2013 Offense