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Hi M. Lardinois,I have read your article and I am convinced by the intereste of a such a service, I am the community Manager of a small french start up called Neiio and we have launched a very interesting service of contact management. We are able to create automatics group more relevant than Katango, but as you say this service is just a features, so we are going further, we offer you the opportunities to aggregates all your contact for different networks, we organize them and we give you the possibilities to export them to the platform of your choice. It's like if Katango have meet Plaxo, and our service is free!It would be a pleasure if you would like to try the app :

Feel free to contact us pierre at neiio dot com or on our facebook page Neiio

Best regards

3 years, 7 months ago on Katango: Organizing Your Facebook Friends Has Never Been Easier