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well i may not be an older person (19 years old), however i forcefully discovered that #facebook is sort-of an exploit to 'screwing' up one's life, relationship, and attempting to make a waste of time. I did not nor ever attempted to date on facebook or intentionally make friends, except that these people added me.. eventually the site became as addicting as videogames for awhile, until having watched #thesocialnetwork, the movie changed my perspective interest on facebook and decided to leave facebook, it worked after few attempts, up to now, had not used it for 6 months. the idea to make a "story of my life" on facebook seems more like bull****! consider writing a memoir or a biography about your life instead of using facebook to accomplish this, or write a series of blogs with images. My point is that I agree with the person above, unless you are an aspiring artist, singer/songwriter, actor/actress, either have a profession of some sort which requires the attention of many to fulfill a goal of reaching towards an audience then this article would not affect you in any way ;)

3 years, 6 months ago on Sorry Facebook, But That Stuff I Share on Your Site is Not the "Story of My Life"