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@kulls2 Thanks for your comment Kulls. Although the accuracy of Wikipedia is something to be questioned, we agree that rules for editing need to be updated.

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Hi everyone, WOW thank you so much for all the great comments. 

John, it sounds like the BOF team had a good time in Atlanta. We are going to post their blog right here tomorrow.

Paul, thank you so much for helping us put it all together. You were a great emcee.

Mark, that was idea. Wish we could have had you in Chicago.



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 @ScottCason We like to think the fan's reaction had something to do with it.

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 @Matt_Cerms  @ginidietrich Hi Matt,


Thank you for your comment. I very much see your point, but I would not go as far to say the restaurant is a social object.


The way I see, social objects are activities, places, or ideas that bring people together. Everyone loves their own restaurant, but it's not like this restaurant is garnering the masses and sitting around a table to just talk about the restaurant.


Hockey, on the other hand, brings together thousands of fans each year. People identify themselves as hockey enthusiasts. When the lockout occurred, needless to say, many were angry. They gathered together and took their outrage online and offline. The lockout brought these people closer.


I don't see anything occurring at the restaurant, unless it was about to close and the entire community came out to protest, making it into a social object.


Do you see my distinction?


Once again, thank you so much for your interest in my story.

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I resolve to complete all seven!

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