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 @AlexanderMaunu  AM, you obviously can't read.  I was saying exactly what you are - that Torres is a good 4th outfielder, and that "a 1-year Torres deal makes a lot of sense" (your quote).  Try to think.  As for the "fake ass front runner", I first went to Candlestick in 1971, was there in 1989, and a season ticket holder for many years.   Front runner this.

2 years, 4 months ago on Andres Torres Signing Slams the Brakes on the Giants' 2013 Offense


With all due respect to the Giants Cove Guru, the December 17 blog was more like fingernails scratching on the blackboard.  Arrgghh.  So let’s look at the facts and put 2011 aside (when the Giants did not win the pennant, clogging brain cells for those who can’t move on).

Andres Torrres.  I guess a nice guy.  Gregor Blanco, WS and PG hero, a nice guy as well.  But beside the point.  For 2013, the Giants need to keep focus on what succeeded in 2012 and flush down the sour grapes of 2011 with the rest of the %#&#*&.

First, Torres.  The statistics that Guru quotes are meaningless and omit the really important ones.  Yes, he’ll be 35, and it is for one year – perfect; a guy who realizes his place (not a starter) and has to produce to get another contract.  Torres is clearly slated to relieve Blanco in LF 30% of the time against lefties.  Guru quotes the .2012 .286 vs. lefties, but omits the 2012 .382 OBP (a figure Swishie has never met, to be discussed below), and the .429 at ATT.  Triples: see below.

Second, Blanco:  Why not? Close to .300 in last month, but granted, a work in progress, who progressed significantly in post-season.  Forget the stats, weren’t you watching in October?

Third, Swishie, the object of a major Guru man-crush:  Not signed yet, but will get upward of $12-13M.  Hasn’t hit 30 since Oakland, and has little power (5 HR’s in 2012) from the right side, about the same as Torres.  Never really played left.  And triples (remember, Guru, the proverbial alley, where Torres hit 8 in 2010 and 7 in 2012?): none last year, 1 per year for career.  A classic overswinger, always going for the fences, no finesse.  An average of 150 K’s per over his career.  This is not an ATT prototype, unless the fences are coming in.  In the clubhouse?  The flake/cut-up approach is growing real old.  Granted, Yanks such as ARod, Tex, and DJ, for whom Swishie’s antics became cumbersome, are old curmudgeons of the third degree, but do 2-time champs really need such a distraction?  What, Buster needs a whoopee cushion from Swishie every day to get loose for the game?  Let’s leave the zany-fest to Brother Pence, and avoid battling egos.

Peguero?:  Where’s he going?  He’ll be there if we need him.

Bottom line:  ATT prescribes certain types of players.  Speed, defense, quick bat to all fields (alleys preferred), workman-like attitude, equally comfortable in 2 or 7 hole.  Giant’s win (won) on pitching, defense, team approach to hitting.  The Blanco/Torres combo fits the bill for less than $2M.  If Baer wants to drop an extra $10M, I’d prefer a $.50/beer price drop.  Let Dodgers/Angels throw money at overpriced prima-donnas.

2 years, 4 months ago on Andres Torres Signing Slams the Brakes on the Giants' 2013 Offense