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The articles written about Manziel are starting to get stale. Each one references twitter, instagram, parties or sporting events and then wonders why he doesn't just "shut up" or go live in a cave. As if he is forcing college football media to re-hash the same article over and over. 

The media needs to come with a new take. Someone should write an investigative article about how he gets his money (anything shady?) or try discussing his NFL prospects with some GMs. Churning out an article each time he picks his nose and then getting self righteous about it is getting a little silly.

2 years ago on A&M’s Manziel Trades Twitter For Instagram


What is so shocking about a privileged white kid going to an NBA or NFL game? 

2 years, 4 months ago on TNT’s Kerr Wonders How A&M’s Manziel Got Tickets To Mavs Game, Disses SEC In The Process