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@JoelTherien It's great to hear this news and to have your "ear" available for all. You guys rock- always have. Just one note, I was reading my original "rambling" and just wanted to expand on one point about about the "having a group" I meant to add to be able to do a groupshare with the page much as you do with a campaign's messages would be a bonus. :-) I"ll hang up now and listen. Thanks again!

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Hello Joel,

Have been a member since Kiosk days and am currently a PL member. I had inquired during the launch of PL if the Lead Capture system that is in Level One would ever become so that a person could have more control; i.e. over the landing pages look/content and being able to redirect after optin form submission. And then as a bonus being able to replicate the more personalized landing pages as a template down into a group. Everytime I've mentioned on a forum, folks always come back with solutions about using a page/form/campaign system from elsewhere as in GVO/HostThen... it would just be awesome if all people could do some of what I mentioned and especially if one's group (from, lets say their welllness mlm) came on board... and all could gain this "leverage" from the inside the PL system. Hope I made sense. And always, thanks for all that you and the gang continue to do.

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Thanks for this. Worked great. But can you point me in a direction that would help me know how to remove the white space reserved for the title, search etc. that appears above the header image?

3 years, 2 months ago on Add Sidebar Support in Posts for the Twenty Eleven Theme