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For those things where you just have no choice but to wait - IN NEW YORK there's Same Ole Line Dudes, professional line sitters @sold_inc on IG and Tw call or text (347)744-WAIT &

- google "professional line sitter" for more info

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He was not name dropping - the author of the story did that- if he can do for Jubilee what he does for Beyoncé - sit back and let the master work. Signed Robert Samuel (a distant Gatson cousin)

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TIRED OF WAITING IN LINE? LIVE IN NYC?  LET SOLD INC Stand in LINE FOR YOU FOR ANYTHING WITH A LONG LINE! TEXT (347)744-WAIT  $20 FIRST HR $10 EACH ADD'L HR.  Follow us on Twitter @sold_inc  like us on Facebook Sold Inc. Apple Product, Sneaker Releases, Bolt Bus/ Greyhound, Sample Sales, Standing Rm Only Concerts,  ANYTHING WITH LOOOOONG LINES - TEXT US!

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