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What happened with the editing in this episode? It's the only Cinemassacre thing I've ever seen with periods of atrocious editing.

3 years ago on OverAnalyzers - Puppetland


I think this is one case where it's alright to use an emulator. You own the game. You ripped it. You did. It was your rom rip. You don't need to show your homemade rom ripper to prove that you know ;-)

3 years ago on Simpsons Gameboy Games


Stop saying the movie WILL be a massive success and hyping it up. Just stop!.


I love that he is getting to do this, but the best we can do is wait with as little of expectations as possible. I'm not saying that because I think the movie is going to suck. No.. I am saying this simply because IF you hype it too much you will be disappointed NO MATTER WHAT.


Wait for it, like an extra special episode, with no other expectations except to see James live his dream, be happy he got to, and everything else is bonus.


THEN -- If the movie is shitty, you will still feel proud for him and he WILL get to go on any way with all the knowledge he will have and make something better.


If the movie awesome, you will be blown away because you didn't expect the greatest of the great movies..


I'm thinking it's going to be one hell of a ride by the time it's done either way, for both James AND US and CAN NOT WAIT. I can not wait, however, SIMPLY with the intentions to have a fucking blast. I absolutely guarantee that _I_ personally will be THRILLED to see it and WILL have a great time. I've never been one of the people here to bitch about his later episodes 'not being as good' as his earlier ones. For everything that got 'worse' something got 'better.'


So let's crack a bottle for James on April 1st and wish him the best. Isn't the internet amazing?

3 years ago on Nerd Log - The Point of No Return


Damn. I forgot about Pop Fiction. This is a good selection of stuff. I had stopped going to CineMassacre every day for a while because there wasn't any new content.. but now that I think about it, I think there is actually MORE CineMassacre content now that James is in LA working on the film and Mike is holding down the fort on the east coast.


Am I crazy for thinking this? At least for me I have 4 tabs loading stuff right now.

3 years, 1 month ago on AVGN appears in Pop Fiction


James and Keith in a single video? Along with the rest of the Screw Attack crew? Count me in!

3 years, 1 month ago on Radical 80's Nostalgia


On a side but semi-related note:I just now listened to the "Robots in Disguise" mix there and it gave me chills. It's that level of nostalgia that people get from watching AVGN when they actually grew up with these games vs. played them later. It's the same thing that divides what exactly people here like about AVGN and James. Younger gens typically like the humor and cursing while classic gamers who grew up with the games tend to like his actual JUSTIFIED nitpicking and the humor is just a bonus. It's too bad that people try to copy James copy the cursing and purely the nitpicking aspects. This is why the Irate Gamer (and others) feels like not only a knock-off but a shitty one. He nitpicks every little detail of the game.. details that aren't even really annoying. "I RAN INTO THE GOOMBA AND IT KILLED ME. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?? MOTHER FUCKING CUNT SLOP PISSY PANTS" - Irate Gamer.


(Meanwhile, James actually critiques BAD/POOR game design and ONLY THEN does he bitch/curse.)


I'm not trying to fuel any fire here or bring back Irate Gamer hatred. In fact, I saw an episode a week ago randomly where.. he was actually tolerable for the majority of the video. I think it was because he was actually acting like himself and seemed confident. I haven't seen enough of his videos to know if this is common or not.


The main reason I bring this up is to hopefully convince someone who DOES realize when game design is poor and had previously thought about making a show like AVGN after being inspired to BUT DIDN'T after all the clones failed. You should. We would love it, especially while James is working on his film. Just be yourself and don't suck because you are trying too hard. Anyone who THEN claims you are trying to copy AVGN can suck your dick.

3 years, 1 month ago on Michael Bay's TMNT from Outer Space?


I seriously almost cried when the Transformers movie DIDN'T have the theme song in the style of the original movies (not the TV shows lackluster version) INCLUDING the most important part... the metallic-almost-"EE-Ohh-AHNN-AH-CK" (best I can do)-transforming-noise MIXED WITH THE "ROBOTS IN DISG*cue noise*UISE".


Don't know what I mean? Check it out!


That should start at 2:32. The specific mixed metallic "ROBOTS IN DISGUISE" part comes just a few seconds later around 2:55.


For those who haven't heard this version.. Prepare to have your mind blown. Can you imagine if the Michael Bay version had this intro? I don't typically like cheesy 80's rock/metal THAT much... but I WOULD NOT WANT THIS TOUCHED had he used it. It should have been that EXACT version.


Had it had that theme song and an intro like that (THAT part could be modern CG).. it would have seriously got you a shit ton more pumped up and would have felt a HELL of a lot more like a Transformers movie.


Seriously... I would imagine that had they used that intro there would have been standing and clapping during the INTRO on opening night. I know I would have.

3 years, 1 month ago on Michael Bay's TMNT from Outer Space?


James might be the most patient man in the world.


Maybe not, but he definitely has more patience than I do. I think I'd get pissed off after the Genesis controller fell down more than once. You'd see the Angry Reality Nerd.

3 years, 1 month ago on Angry Nintendo Nerd Outtakes


I keep seeing "AVGN movie" but for some reason I always say "The Angry Video Game Movie" or AVGM. I don't know why but it flows better in my head. It's probably best to have it be "The AVGN Movie" though, for brand recognition and all.

3 years, 1 month ago on Nerd Log - Casting Decisions




Probably because there are still quicker and less stressful. I get your point but... I like these actually.

3 years, 1 month ago on Sega 3D Glasses


Well that ended abruptly =)


I thought it was buffering and sat there for a good 4 minutes. Yes, I sat there almost twice as long as the video itself. Very rare for James to just cut to nothing like that without any indication the video was ending.

3 years, 1 month ago on Nerd Log - FX Shop


Er sorry, in my post below I lost my train of thought from basically the beginning. I was originally going to ask how you find these. Do you research the game's mechanics and glitches online and then find ones you don't think people have seen or are the most interesting? Or are these mostly (all?) things you've found independently, regardless if others have.


I mean, I will try to break games, as I'm using to betaing my own little creations, but have you always done this? Or is it some combination of the above (Most likely)?


It's funny. I saw a manual once back in the day for 8/16 bit era beta testers that basically told them to do stuff like jump into all walls as much as possible. Duck 1000 times. These were examples. I would assume these instructions are for non-programmers and such because if you understand the logic behind games it should definitely give you clues where bugs might exist from the get go. Stuff like your tanooki suit/turn into a statue and then grab the hammer bros suit thing.

3 years, 2 months ago on Super Mario Bros 3 Glitches (NES)


Man, Mike. You are more adept at finding glitches than anyone I know.


Seriously, I haven't seen most of the glitches you've shown off in any other video. I'm only partially through this video and while I've seen the Kuribo's Shoe glitch before, I haven't seen other's like the pipe/stuck trick before.


The thing is, I've studied game design since I was a kid (I am a programmer, and have been since I was wee-lad) so I understand, in general, how most glitches work. Because of this though, I've watched a billion glitch videos and .. I must stress again how many show the same glitches over and over, always. It's VERY rare to find something you haven't seen before, although it does happen rarely.


With your videos, typically at least a third are glitches I've never seen before. Another 1/3rd are glitches I haven't seen happen exactly but are deriviatives of other gliches. The final 1/3rd are at least great choices and typically ones that aren't shown as much.


Either way, I would assume that most people haven't seen 95% of these glitches. And if you are like me, you should probably agree with the majority of my claims here. These videos are great!

3 years, 2 months ago on Super Mario Bros 3 Glitches (NES)


Ahhh.. Mike, you are the man. I am going to call you Mother Fucking Mother Fucker Mike 'the Man Matinee' Matei from now on, or MFMFMMMM. You can thank me later.

3 years, 2 months ago on Super Mario Bros 3 Glitches (NES)


Actually Mike, you can go there still right? Go over there and let me know! =)

3 years, 2 months ago on Virtual Reality Stuntmaster


Did anyone think of the expansion port on the bottom of the snes?

3 years, 2 months ago on Virtual Reality Stuntmaster


The fact that you ended this with "fancy feast" make me lost my fucking mind. I couldn't stop laughing for some reason.


3 years, 2 months ago on House (1977)


Ugh, so tired of how LiveFyre changes your comment, and then also SOMETIMES won't let you delete it. It looks deleted to me.. when i refresh it's gone. When I clear all data, cachh etc, it' gone. Use another browser? Yeah, it's still there. I'm really trying not to be annoying about my comment here but I can't get it posted correctly!

3 years, 2 months ago on A Nightmare On Elm Street


This is going to be long, It's two rants in one, but if you love James it's definitely worth reading. If you don't have the time though If you look for the part that has "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-" (search for it on the page with ctrl-f, without the quotes) you can find the part that's specifically about this episode, his directing, and the AVGMovie (As I like to call it.)<br><br>ALSO, let me know what you think!<br><br>


I've went on long rants before to counter peoples common "the new episodes suck, the old ones are better" arguments before. Namely that it's not true and that he's been doing episodes for so long that it's a case of remembering all the parts you loved, through nostalgia, and the parts you didn't like being forgotten or not critiqued so much in comparison. This is a natural thing that happens with nostalgia and it's the main reason we remember our first consoles so warmly.<br><br> It's also equally notable that the majority of people who think his old episodes are better are typically kids (not teens or older) who didn't grow up with the NES or these systems. You see, the reason I love James, and a lot of people do (besides him being such a seemingly likeable and approachable guy) is that while he threw in humor, he critiqued the games in a way that most people weren't. This is what EVERY 'clone' of AVGN does wrong. They think that the reason he is popular is because of his cursing and general 'potty mouth.' While this has to be some percentage of it (a greater percentage of the reason that younger people like him surely) it doesn't account for what made/makes this show so great. Realisitcally, it's also partially the fact that he was the 'first' to do a show like this. .. But that's still not it. No, it's because he CRITIQUED the games an DISCUSSED THEIR FLAWS. SOME of the clones get this. I must say, that other shitty show, the Irate Gamer, which I'm not even sure is still around, got this. Even they still got it wrong though by thinking that the cursing was the important part. What they did was pick out anything that annoyed them in the game and 'ripped it to shreds.' That's in quotes because they mostly ended up just sounding stupid.<br><br> You see, he didn't just bitch about things that annoyed him. He bitched about legitemately bad design. A game that you suck at will annoy you, that doesn't mean it sucks though. James has the ability that we almost ALL have to realize the difference. Clone shows either seem to miss that THIS is what makes James so great or aren't honest with themselves that they suck and that it's not the games fault.<br><br> I said I wouldn't go over what I just did but some people may have not read it before.<br><br> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-<br><br> I was watching the fan art montage that came out today (2/6/12) and saw the little story board someone made with part of the final scenes from the Nghtmare on Elm Street episode. I went ahead and watched it again (first time in ages, although I've seen it multiple times) and noticed something.<br><br> When James has talked about the AVGN Movie he always says good episodes to watch to get an idea of a more cinematic episode would be the Nintendo World Cup episode or the Rob the Robot one.<br><br> ANYWAY, BACK TO THIS EPISODE IN PARTICULAR. While I love horror movies from this era, particularly the first Nightmare on Elm Street (and Wes Craven's A New Nightmare) I must say, the content in this isn't my favorite. It just wouldn't be an episode I would be super excited to see. I had never rented the game as kid or anything. This is a FANTASTIC episode though. If you are comparing it just to his other AVGN episodes, THIS would be THE underrated, underappriciated episode.<br><br> JAMES HAS THE BEST COMEDIC TIMING HE'S EVER HAD IN THIS VIDEO. I don't tppically think of him as having great comidic timing, and I think he would agree. The 'potty mouth' that everyone loves is actually really silly and corny. The comedic timing I'm talking about here is purely during the final segment starting at 9:25 where he clones himself. EVERYTHING after this easily the best montage he's ever done. The corny 80's style camera work is PERFECT. It's EXACTLY like these old slasher flicks from the 80's. The cues it takes from them are also great, such as the Nerd freddy popping up in the closet. But comedic timing.. We've got the epic "EMPTY YOUR ASS ALL OVER IT!", the "I don't gotta take a shit, whos gotta take a shit?" clone converstion. It's all executed PERFECTLY. The timing of the lines and subtle pauses COULDN'T HAVE BEEN MORE PERFECT. Even the tiny moments that would go by unrecognized such as the way he says "closet" during the "front door, closet.. front door..... closet" scene are perfect. It even ends with the preview/foreshadowing for the next episode about the Power Glove so if you aren't watching this now, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Watch it now!

3 years, 2 months ago on A Nightmare On Elm Street


Damn, sorry. I got away with a lot it seems with the LiveFyre comment system. It strips img tags though. Tried, all sorts of CSS and shady stuff trying to get an image to appear.

This is how it was intended:

3 years, 2 months ago on Shit Reel


<table style="border: 1px solid orange;"><tr><td><p style="font-size:14px"> "Where'd the shit go? I dunno! - After Effects Plugin"</p></br></br> Developing a mega-church promotional video or wedding? This award winning plugin, developed by James Rolfe, with programming assistance from M.F. Mike, will help you detect instances of cursing in your videos! The latest in S.H.I.T (Swear Heightened Instensity Tracking) technology, WTSG-ID, will ensure that Christ didn't just die for your sins, he's playing an active rolfe in correcting them!</br></br> "This IS the second coming of Christ." - Apostle #13*</br></br> BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Subscribe to the Cinemassacre RSS feed to be entered into our "S.H.I.T - For a life time!" sweapstakes. Please see below for terms and conditions.†</br> <p style="font-size:10px">* - May have been a blasphemer, these statements are not endorsed by the Shit Pickle Foundation for Verbal Cancer. For more information please contact Apostle13 (at) Contains no actual 'second coming substitute.' <p style="font-size:10px"> † - New customers only. Your financial institution may impose additional fees and charges. Warning: Shit can kill. Keep an eye on progress bar for entirety of processing time. To avoid suffocation, please keep away from children, pets, and the reanimated. Only you can prevent wildshits™.</p></td></tr></table>

3 years, 2 months ago on Shit Reel



3 years, 2 months ago on Top 10 Horror Remakes



It'd be really nice to see a cameo. Even if it's you in the background somewhere.

For some reason I picture one little transition being your face, smiling really large, zooming in and then out, with the batman do-de-le-do-de-le-dooo wipe from the old TV series.

3 years, 3 months ago on Nerd Log - Packing Stuff


Looks like while James is working hard Motherfucking Mike is officially the one taking over.

It was either this or NO content, and in all honesty, we all like Mike better anyway. Ok, so that's not a fair statement at all and completely a joke.

But really though James, you couldn't have picked a better person to be doing videos during your 'hiatus.' Good luck on the movie. We will all be crazy excited if you come out with a single episode of AVGN sometime in the next few months. I know you probably can't do it even if you wanted to (You've been doing it since, what, 2004?) but when you start you would probably find yourself getting caught up in it. In that sense, while the episode will probably be fun and great as usual, it's probably something you CAN'T get caught up in.. and we all understand that.

If you make one, please don't focus on trying to make it funny. People always say that your older videos were better and funnier. I don't believe this to be the case though. I honestly believe it's because instead of it being a big production you focused on all the details of the game itself. I never found the cursing all that funny, and I curse like a fucking sailor. What I loved were the type of observations that Mofo'in Mike makes in his glitch videos. That's what all the episodes have to offer, in my opinion, they just seemed to come more in the older ones because there WASN'T much besides it. There have been a few times, however, that I've literally fallen out of my seat with things you've said though, so the humor doesn't hurt. I'm NOT critsizing anything about the videos, I just think that the reasons people dislike certain things about them and claim the older ones are better are a case of a) people tending to forget the thigns they didn't like and enhance the good aspects in their mind AND b) miss what makes the videos good in the first place.

So yeah, good luck on whatever you are doing. We will be waiting, excited. And no pressure to get a wide theatrical release or anything because I doubt it will happen, unless there are the EXACT RIGHT combination of events happening. We WILL be happy to even have it on DVD though so if you get a small indie release in the theater we will be ESTACTIC. Seeing AVGN in the theater would make me actually pretty emotional, even though I'm not a fan boy, just because I know it will mean you realizing a life long dream. How could that NOT make anyone really happy?


3 years, 3 months ago on Back to the Future: The Animated Series



Neh, I didn't mind the accent either.

3 years, 4 months ago on OverAnalyzers Episode #9: Bond (Part 1 of 2)


@TommyO'Neil : "They all work the same way"

Incredibly, incredibly over simplified while at the absolute basic level still basically true. Good job?

3 years, 4 months ago on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Glitches (PS2)


Say WHAAAAATTT? Today is an awesome day thanks to this. Can't wait to watch.

James, we all love you and appreciate how much work you put into this. Don't forget this =P I can't imagine what your schedule is like and makes me feel like a pussy for complaining about my work schedule.

3 years, 4 months ago on AVGN Bible Games 3


I just read on wikipedia that Gamepro gave this 5 out of 5 in it's 1992 issue.


3 years, 4 months ago on Wally Bear and the NO! Gang


You know what, motherfucking Mutherfucking Mike?

I have a list of bookmarks that I open every day called "Check Daily", it exists of Cinemassacre and a bunch of other high quality video sites. In the past there was ALWAYS one site that had new material out of all of them every day.

For the last month, however, this hasn't been the case. There seems to be some sort of slump.

I think Monster Madness killed everyones will power once they realized they wouldn't be able to keep up.

Anyway, the one thing that has been keeping me going since there also hasn't been an AVGN are your FUCKING FANTASTIC videos. They came out of nowhere, your game glitch and trick videos are AWESOME.

I just wanted to let you know. We knew you could drew, I don't think anyone knew you could make bad ass videos as well.

Keep up the good work. That goes for both you and James =)

- Brent/Lanlost

3 years, 4 months ago on Super Smash Bros (N64) Tricks


Yeah. I Ocarina of Time is a great game, however, I never realized how much I loved this game.

I played it all the time growing up. In fact, it was pretty much my 'go to' game if I was bored of every other game. For that reason, I never really realized how brilliant it is.

I had started it over a million times and played to the dark world (doesn't take long since there are only three dungeons that if you have memorized them go by really fast) but had never REALLY played through the entire game again.

Last year, when I was 25, I finally decided to give it a go again as I had copied roms to my Android phone. I had a keyboard so I decided to see if I could play through a game. I was going to play Chrono Trigger (never beat it) but none of my roms copied right (I had ran out of disk space on my PC so they were all 0k) EXCEPT for a Link to the Past.

Anyway, I played it again and was actually sort of ho-hum about it. I felt like I was going through the motions and that the game wasn't as great as I remembered.

Until I got to the Dark World part of the game. After you beat the first dungeon in the dark world.. the game suddenly becomes AMAZING.

From that point on I played non stop. I thought about it afterwards. I had just played Super Metroid for the first time before it.

I realized that.. there are few absolutely flawless games. Even games that get a masterpeice 10/10 type rating can have some flaws in them but the over all game overshadows them. There ARE two flawless games though. This isn't just me being a fan of the SNES either. Super Metroid and Zelda: A Link to the Past, are the two most flawless games ever created in my opinion. I can not think of a single flaw in either of them.

I'm not saying they are the most fun games ever, although they are definitely in the top X of those as well. But design wise? ... Incredible, incredible achievements.

Seriously, play the game again. Play till the point that you haven't got to in years. You will be surprised how amazing the game is when you are going through the Dark World dungeons. Masterful. 10/10, truly.

3 years, 5 months ago on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Glitches



First of all, people are taking these videos in to context. No one loves the videos because they think it is a masterpiece. Far from it. You would be crazy to think anyone thinks that this is top notch stuff.

Second of all, most kids WEREN'T making videos like this. I remember recording F-Zero on my VCR and my brothers friends all freaking out because I some how managed to do this. I remember one claiming that he always wanted to but could never figure it out. So yes, I subscribe to the "I know how video in and out works" club that you do. So did James, just not yet apparently.

Third, not many people are willing to reveal so much content. Good and bad. James has released so much bad material, and always admits it, that it definitely doesn't help him, credibility wise. However, he doesn't really need it. He is never saying that his old videos are amazing. He is simply documenting that he made them. Sure, he could keep them to himself, but he knows that his fans are craving material, whatever it is, and this makes a lot of people feel like he is a real person. In fact, I would say it is this part of him that DOES make him seem like such a real person compared to most internet celebrities.

So he made some shitty videos. So what? So he uploaded them? I usually hate when people say stock statements such as "if it's shitty then why are you watching it?" ... or " If you hate it so much, then why are you commenting on it?" But in this case, seriously... you are missing the point and taking this way too seriously.

Yes, there are a lot of people who think James is god. These also tend to be either a) kids/teens who are at the age where their view of James over shadows any of their quality detection. b) People like me who are 26 and like James because he has the ability to make awesome videos yet retain the ability to seem like he is a dude you could, and would, have fun hanging out with without his ego getting in the way.

So yeah.

3 years, 7 months ago on House of Horror (1992/1993)