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@F1awl3ss you people who kept screaming that Android have fragmentation. Apple do have their own fragmentation. Honestly I owned donut, froyo, gingerbread and currently jelly bean phone. Do I complain about that other people get current version of android? No. I am really getting tired of people kept pointing that it is due to fragmentation which it is not. If it the fragmentation, then the devs should leave Android ecosystem already. But it didn't happen and it kept growing. When G1 came out, it have a lot to catch up to Apple and 4.1 is really mature to take it beyond. Now look at Camera, Tv, PC-less HDMI stick, OUYA, and other. People really embraced Android in different way. And my belief that why apple getting more money is because they have higher amount of paid app than Google Play. Google Play have higher amount of free apps than iTunes store. And don't forget, Amazon Appstore have free app of the day. Basically it is not a fair comparison because there is so many factors of why Apple have more more revenue. People failed to realized that Android is free in a way. Basically Google gave away Android for free. And don't forget about Apple tax which give Apple more revenue. Like I said, it is a u fair comparison because there is so many factors. If you take away the factors, the result will show itself clear. Now if you take away the Apple tax and if Google and Apple have equal footing on paid and free app, then the result will be able to show differently. Who knows it will show that Google earn more than Apple.

2 years, 3 months ago on Google Play Is Growing Faster Than The App Store But Pays Off Less