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Hey guys, lighten up--you're starting to sound like roadies, not cyclocrossers. I think you're missing the point of the article. He's not saying that collegiate racers have it tougher than everybody else. To me, this column is about how obligations and distractions can make it difficult to train, and that's something that everyone should be able to relate to.

College (and graduate school) is one, among many other, experiences that consumes our total life. Besides of class time, homework, friends, family, career planning, community activities, and just trying to get the full experience of college, people like James are also trying to keep their team organized, find team sponsors, promote races, and helping to keep the conference running. And, unlike varsity athletes, most collegiate racers aren't getting their tuition covered to ride their bikes. Folks with full-time jobs, spouses, and kids have their own challenges (although, possibly a little more disposable income than a student).

And James, do what Hamblen says.

3 years, 7 months ago on Collegiate Chronicles: Cyclocross versus the Semester