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From the summaries of those 25 teams, there are only 8 that would seem to enhance the Big 10/SEC profile .. Duke, North Carolina, NC St, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Florida St.  Say the ACC breaks apart and those schools get split up between the Big 10 and SEC.  The Big 12 is then looking at two 18 team power conferences and they have 10 teams and would likely think they need to expand.  The schools left would be Clemson, Miami, Louisville, Syracuse, Pitt.  Those are fine schools but probably wouldn't increase Big 12 per school revenue, not to mention the travel times.  At that point, the Big 12 either needs to add schools just to be bigger or look at other options.  One of those options might be to revisit the Pac 12.  Might Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Kansas and Kansas St decide to dissolve the Big 12 (avoiding the grant of rights issue and the LHN hasn't taken off as hoped anyway) and join the Pac 12 to have a third 18 team power conference?

2 years, 3 months ago on Big Bang Theories: The Countdown To Super-Conferences (Part 2)