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Not to be grumpy old guy, but I'm three times your age and work average of 80 - 90 hours a week (including about 5 times a month when I get no sleep at all). Not by choice entirely, just what the current realities of my profession (trauma surgeon and department head in underserved urban area) require. I manage to cram in between 5-12 hours of training a week and get to 15 - 20 cross races a year. I'm just pack filler, but I probably wouldn't be much better even if I had unlimited training and rest time. Point is, if you want it bad enough, no reason you can't find 15 - 20 hours out of the 168 in a week to train. I have a friend (Nick Frey - Jamis Sutter Home pro and Boo Bicycles founder/owner) who was collegiate national champion, U23 national champion and started his own bike company all at the same time while a superstar engineering student at Princeton. Also found time to have a social life. As the poster above said, the average masters rider with a job, family, and overhead has a lot more on his/her plate than you do !

3 years, 7 months ago on Collegiate Chronicles: Cyclocross versus the Semester