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@Mikhail XO Mikhail we are definitely hearing and seeing very different things.  Carly's emotion, expressions and soulful vocal stylings move me to tears ...and having been around long enough to have enjoyed some of the greatest voices of the past- it takes a very special singer to get me to that point.  

When I hear Tate or 5th Harmony - I'm hearing talent but I'm hearing nothing that sets them apart from every other singer.  I'm looking for something different. Carly brings the difference every time she sings.

Not sure what your beef with that first song, it's a classic...I could listen to that all day!  She nailed it on every level and connected with me (and apparently a lot of others judging from comments I've read on line) just fine.

Her ability?  It doesn't make me an expert but - as a retired music teacher of 34 years I have seen and heard thousands of students of all ages and all levels of opinion is that her singing goes way beyond "decent".  I'd place it in the "phenomenal" category.  My ears and eyes tell me this 13 year old will move very quickly out of the "pop princess" category and move into the "singing legend" category pretty quickly. 

As to the song choice..."The Voice" chose this song as a dedication to honor the slain children in Newtown. I did not feel it was inappropriate in either performance.  Just my opinion...

2 years, 4 months ago on Carly Rose Sonenclar – Hallelujah – The X Factor – Final