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I'm getting the opposite effect. Chrome on desktop running Windows 7 has the website zoomed out to 50%. It was easy to fix, but thought I'd let you know. Also, I don't have that problem with any other websites.

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I didn't get to watch the game, but I'd love to hear how Teddy Williams looked. I went to a training camp practice and he looked quite impressive on that day.

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You could think about collecting signatures to send with the letter. I'm willing to bet a ton of people would sign on in solidarity. It would help show Irsay that ths is important to a large number of Colts fans

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I would be fine with giving Lacey another shot. He played much better towards the end of the season than at the beginning. I think that his extreme suck was more due to the infamous Coyer cushion than to a lack of talent on Lacey's part. Also, Pagano seems like he is a master with the secondary. I would bet that he has our current DBs playing at the highest possible level.

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An interesting thing to note: while Eli does do a better job at continuing to play at the same level no matter what the game situation is, Brady still has the better QB rating in many of the situational stats. So, even if Eli keeps his cool better, Brady is still likely the better quarterback in "clutch" situations because Brady playing at a lower level is still better than Eli at his norm.

3 years, 1 month ago on The Clutch Enigma: Eli Manning's Situational Stats | February


Well, considering Bill Polian has said on the record before that it is the best move to trade the #1 draft choice, I think that the real question is, how good do they believe Luck will be? Will Luck be a once in a generation quarterback who can lead the franchise for more than a decade of ridiculous prosperity? If not, then I bet we see the draft pick traded. However, if the Colts' front office is sold that Luck is going to be a Peyton Manning caliber quarterback, then I don't see how they could pass him up. Remember, the Colts do not use the same scouting agency as basically every other team in the NFL, so you can never be certain what they are going to see in a player. Also, if Manning does heal, it would be a huge cap hit to carry Manning and Luck on the team. It would become much harder to retain free agents until Manning's retirement. Or you could just dump Manning, but that would be insane and heartless.

Even if Luck is a once in a generation quarterback, that also doesn't mean that he will be Peyton Manning. It doesn't mean that he will be able to do everything that Peyton Manning can do. I know that he's brilliant, but even that doesn't mean that he will be able to do everything Manning can. The current Colts offense has grown with Manning. If they drafted Luck and dropped Manning, Luck would not be able to replicate Manning from day one. He would have to grow into the roll, or the roll would have to change to accommodate his skills and weaknesses. A whole new offense would be created around a new chess piece. Maybe the offense would require some new pieces and it would take a couple years to assemble properly. I just cannot see how this could possibly be the best situation if Manning is healthy. Even if Luck sits on the bench and "learns" for 4 years, the offense as it currently is would still probably have to adjust to his presence some, and the weight of carrying those two contracts at the same time would decrease the total amount of talent that the Colts can surround Manning (and in 4 years Luck) with.

Having said all that, if Manning is not going to be able to return to his former glory (and this procedure has a very high success rate), then I am all for drafting Luck with the first draft choice and hoping that we have as few growing pains as possible (Manning's first season was 3-13). In the end though, I think this entire post will be moot. I can't see the Colts as having a worse record than the Chiefs (unless we also suffer the number of injuries we did last year) and the Chiefs will take Luck before us in the draft.

3 years, 7 months ago on Questioning the Colts?