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Well, John, it seems that you don't root for the Orange and Blue -- I can tell by your rational approach to the situation.

I'm pretty close to viewing Gator Fans the way they're presented in Big Trouble (Dave Barry).

I agree wholeheartedly. No team can survive the kind of injuries we've sustained and continue winning all their games. Hats off to Muschamp for not using that as an excuse, but he may be placing to much faith in the rationality of the fan base. As a group we are spoiled brats that throw fits when things don't go our way (i.e., a National Championship) and don't show up for the Sugar Bowl for Pete's sake. When we win games it's never pretty enough and when we lose it's always the coach's fault, not the backup QB that threw three interceptions and list a fumble, or the holographic O-Line.

People need to realize that those closest to the program care about success just as much as any fan does, and they have a much better idea than we fans do of what's wrong.

All this public calling for Muschamp's head is just embarrassing us in front of the nation.

Thank you for the historical perspective.

1 year, 5 months ago on No Vote Of Confidence From Florida AD For Muschamp Yet… But The Coach Deserves Another Year


I think it deserves to be mentioned that the Gators not only are the team that has improved in each category, but they lead in each category as well, including YAPP.  (And though this article was about defense, since you mentioned losing Jeff Driskel, please allow me to point out that through two SEC games Tyler Murphy leads in the total QBR stat and it's not even close.)

1 year, 6 months ago on The Defense Rests: Has The SEC’s DNA Changed?


I'm not an athlete so I'm just making this up as I type, but I would think it would be very good for the development of a player to put in more study time for the sport.  These months that they're supposed to be taking off could be full of watching tape, studying fundamentals, learning playbooks, etc.  All of that will translate to [sport] IQ which will maybe help more than a few more months of practice and competition.  The article seems to imply there's a law of diminishing returns after a certain number of months a year on the field. 

2 years, 1 month ago on Surgeon Andrews Says Youth Injuries On The Rise


Still, FCS schools are Division I schools.  The S in FBS/FCS stands for Subdivision.  It's kind-of amazing that the Wisconsin AD doesn't know that.

2 years, 2 months ago on Big Ten Throws Down The Gauntlet: No More FCS Opponents


<troll>Boys will be boys.</troll>

2 years, 2 months ago on Bama Student On Beating Victim: “He Had Clearly Been Badly Beaten”


So you're saying Florida is the only team in the East to land any 5-star players?  [UFL1138 likes this.]

2 years, 2 months ago on Team Updates: SEC East


So do minors need parental consent to sign a LOI?  Do all LOIs (from high school seniors) need a parent's signature, too?


At least she didn't do it on National TV.  Amiright, Landon Collins?  

2 years, 2 months ago on Hogs RB Commit Cancels Announcement Ceremony


Actually Florida had told Powell already that they wouldn't be saving a spot for him today.  

2 years, 2 months ago on LB Power Chooses To Play At Southern Cal, Not In The SEC


As a Gator fan who watched Tebow & Co.'s dreams of 3-out-of-4 BCS titles crushed by the Tide, I have to admit I was rooting against Bama successfully doing that.  It was close, though -- I wanted Alabama to lose by one point.  The thought was that since ND isn't a member of any conference, it's not as if the glory would go to a conference other than the SEC anyway.  If it had been a team in any other conference I would have been rooting for Alabama.  My two-year-older sister and her husband hate LSU more than Alabama but I'm the opposite way: somewhat positive attitude towards LSU but bitter hatred for the Tide.  As for me, no, I don't think I'll ever be over Macho Grande.  (Yes, that's my nickname for the 2009 SEC Championship Game.)


I frankly don't hate the Tide as much as I did prior to this season, though.  I think Muschamp has us going in the right direction.  Prior to our respective bowl games, it sure seemed as if Florida were on par with Alabama.  I see the Sugar Bowl as a fluke, just like Alabama's 2009 Sugar Bowl.

2 years, 3 months ago on Notre Dame AD on Bama: “They’re Better Than Everyone”


Sure it's not $500 Million rather than Billion?

2 years, 4 months ago on Big Bang Theories: The Countdown To Super-Conferences (Part 2)