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IF, and I capitalize that on purpose, Instagram wishes to sell your photos and become a repository of stock photography, then the statement they released on is counter-intuitive to that ends. 


If selling your instagrams becomes the revenue side of Instagram then there needs to be an incentive for it's user base to take photos of such quality as to garner a third party to want to pay for them.  Incentives can usually be made in the form of cash. 


So I'm not overly concerned about the TOU of instagram, since most of my photos are of my cat or action figures with word bubbles.  You know things that aren't going to end up being on the cover of a Wheaties box.


Maybe this is just a head-fake to get people to not realize the next business move, and make the day when they pay users seem so much better.  Or I could just be overly optimistic.   


If not, there's also an opportunity for "insa-watermark".  A separate app that would put a watermark on your photos making them commercially unusable. 


But if Zuckerberg and co. want to make money, incentives are the way to do it. 


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2 years, 4 months ago on If You Want to Leave Instagram You’re Using it Wrong