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Hi Darko. Good insight here. I agree that it's important not to be locked in by a provider (or a provider region). While common interfaces would be helpful for consuming web services, they don't directly help a big challenge of data being stuck in a particular cloud or region. Also important is the ability to failover in the event of degraded performance, downtime, disaster, etc. At Ilesfay (cloud-based data replication startup) we have a product called ZoneSync, which leverages our patented technologies to sync data between cloud regions within the same provider or different providers entirely. Check us out at

1 year, 5 months ago on Importance Of Cloud Computing Interoperability


 @omarinthecloud Omar, good insight. We believe the lack of DRaaS providers is due, in part, to the complexities of moving on-premise applications to the cloud (licensing, connectivity, etc). However, we see a big opportunity for companies to provide DRaaS specific to a given vertical solution. For example, at Ilesfay (cloud based replication startup), we provide DR specific to PLM because we not only have the technology but also the targeted expertise. Take a look here:

2 years, 3 months ago on Benefits Of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery