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@the_voice @godawg  So here's a potential 2017 Schedule:

Notre Dame - Chik-fil-a Classic - Atlanta, GA

South Carolina - Athens, GA

Georgia Southern - Athens, GA

LSU - Athens, GA

Tennessee - Knoxville, TN

Missouri - Athens, GA

Vanderbilt - Nashville, TN

Florida - Jacksonville, FL

Arkansas - Athens, GA

Auburn - Auburn, AL

Kentucky - Athens, GA

Georgia Tech - Atlanta, GA

Actually looks pretty good from a fans standpoint. Maybe not so much from an AD's or HC's.

11 months ago on SEC Gambles On Status Quo When It Comes To Conference Schedules


Regardless of whether the SEC Champion plays 9, 10 or 11 "quality foes," my guess is that they will still be one of the four teams in the playoff every year. I also think regardless of whatever they do to the schedule, it will be a cold day in Starkeville before we see TWO SEC teams voted into the top four. Too political, too much money involved to allow another potential All-SEC MNC game. We'll have to go to eight teams for that...

11 months ago on Texas AD Swipes At “New” SEC Scheduling Format; We Add Some Observations


@the_voice @godawg  

I think Georgia and the fans like the way they mix-up the schedule from time to time with other major conference teams. The recent Clemson home and home match-ups is a re-visit to what used to be an annual rivalry game when I was in school in the late 70's and early '80's. Georgia also recently played Colorado, Arizona State, Okie State and Boise (not major conference but they kicked our ass). There is talk of a UGA-Notre dame re-match from 1980 MNC in 2017 - 18 which would necessitate a home and home. To simply "Replace Clemson with a SEC West team..." will preclude  these type match ups in the future unless they eliminate the Georgia Tech game (probably not going to happen even though it has ceased to be competitive in the last ten years or so). In the end, like always, money will drive everything, tradition be damned...

11 months ago on SEC Gambles On Status Quo When It Comes To Conference Schedules


First, the SEC Championship Game is the 9th game. If you don't make it to the SECCG you are probably not in the playoff picture anyway.

Second, Georgia only has 6 home games every year because of playing in Jax and the fact that they play Ga Tech every year and another BCS (former) opponent (Clemson this year and last). Adding another SEC game would result in only 5 home games every other year. Not good for the local economy or fans who like to watch football between the hedges.

Lastly, Les Miles is a whiny little girl who needs to grow a pair. 

11 months ago on SEC Gambles On Status Quo When It Comes To Conference Schedules


Comparing what happened to Ted Agu who died after doing a routine off season workout drill and teams defending the HUNH offense is ludicrous. Unfortunately these deaths occur all too often, even at the high school level and are tragic accidents or the result of an undiagnosed medical problem. That he is simply using this tragedy to further his own agenda is transparent and despicable. He just moved up into number one on my "most hated" coaches list.

1 year, 1 month ago on Bielema On Up-Tempo Offenses: “I’m Not Talking About Injuries, I’m Talking About Death”


The only way that Franklin is not PSU's next coach is if they withdraw the offer. Vandy won't pay the amount of money it would take to keep him and they can't offer him the same level of opportunity to compete on the national stage. The only question left is: Who is Vandy's next coach? Candidates?

1 year, 2 months ago on SEC Headlines 1/10/2014


So you can now add Western Kentucky AD Todd Stewart to the long list of chumps..."

Some chump. WKU netted $350k on the salary paid vs. buyout received, got an 8-4 season, a home and home from Louisville, the recruits CBP brought in and planned for the departure a year in advance by having a coach in waiting. I'd say Todd Stewart, instead of buying a pig in a poke, looked in the bag and saw the weasel for what he was and carefully planned for the future. Nice job Mr. Stewart.

1 year, 2 months ago on Louisville Destined To Be Burned Again By Petrino


"Now, anyone who’s ever been to touristy places like Pigeon Forge, Tennessee or Branson, Missouri knows that we Southerners often play up the hillbilly stereotype (Lord knows why)."


It's because we learned a long time ago that it was easier to pick Yankees than pick cotton. ;-)

2 years, 3 months ago on From “Catholics Vs Convicts” To “Catholics Vs Cousins”