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I "wore" both my babies in infancy upright nearly all the time. My eldest was a big boy but I was able to carry him until I was about eight months pregnant and he two years old. Two comments - one regarding the back issues for the adults . I do have a pretty bad back and I found as my children grew and wanted to face the world more, that seemed to coincide naturally with the time they were getting too heavy, so I shifted them onto my back. This was brilliant and they slept happily there and my back was comfortable. It's so easy to get stuff done with free hands and your children entertained looking over your shoulder. (Beware of baby shoplifting though!) Hauling a stroller in and out of a car and around is not good for your back. I used a stroller when out shopping as it carried lots of groceries, so I know! Kids usually ended up on me and groceries in the stroller.

Second point about the dads. I found that the unstructured tie, sling and ergo/mei-tai style carrier did not suit my partner at all. Men sweat a lot and that skin to skin thing with a baby is not ideal when a bit of exertion takes place. Babies didn't seem to mind but I was a bit grossed out and dad was too hot. He prefered the structured style backpack carrier and this was ok when the kids were a lot older and getting heavy. He did tolerate slings when they were little.

2 years, 4 months ago on Strollers, Baby Carriers and Infant Stress