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Thank you posting this. I sent this to a Professor I had teaching communications who is convinced converting to strict cloud computing is the "way to go". I was astounded he was going withthis  platform and telling others it was basically without risk. Of course in the Professor/Student relationship, my protest was rebutted with the typical "what do you know attitude". Ah, to each there own when they spend countless hours and money on anti-depressants getting their lives back from the 'cloud'! 

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          Most insurers off "COBRA" plans after a job loss; you said you were returning to work anyway. COBRAS, depending on your income, are not unreasonable. Private insurance at $200 a month (as you quoted) is still reasonable compared to what I will have to pay in higher taxes and my husband to support this Act. Most people do not understand this portion.


         This Act increases your "actual" tax, out of pocket money; by $2,200/year if your family makes a mere $34,000. This is not PER FAMILY, this is per provider. Husband and wife. Then add on the taxes from Obamas ridiculous policies and the tax cuts lapsing, tack on another $1600.


        I assume you think it is fair for a family with four children  to haul this tax load, when you could have been saving money over the last 30 years. In our state, we even have to pay rental fees on books for our children, yet even we can only put $5 that month; we do. Why does the government, our family, or anyone else have to provide your care and the rest of the country. We already do that with Medicaid, CHIP programs, there are privately funded charities.


       People need to look beyond the glitz and glam of free, and see who is really being hurt by funding this. The government works on tax money, the tax payer (you know, the people who work), are funding this.i should not be forced to fund a program I do not agree with. If you believe something is immoral, someone demanded you pay for it; are you going to do it? I would hope not, so why should I. A woman wants her husband killed, the killer wants $10,000; she demands you pay for it. Do you do it. Not any different.


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