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As a former middle school educator, I have been struggling with the same sense of grief and reflecting on some of the same thoughts about life perspective and priorities in what we consider is "important" in our lives.  

I can only say that there seems to be a lot more of our population that is stressed, desensitized and over exposed to negative media and sensationalism.  

I was just preparing to go on a training ride on Friday when I walked past the television and saw the live feed from Connecticut and slumped in my chair as the anchor described the horrid details.  Hours went by and I found myself doing a mini flash of my life and reflecting on a time when there was not so much craziness in the world.  I called my wife to let her know about the news and also tell her I love her.  I turned off the tv and went out and climbed on my bike and rode.  I know most of you know why! 

2 years, 4 months ago on The Hardest to Write: A Column by Lee Waldman