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Maybe I didn't understand you before, but would the medications available if prescription laws were abolished still be regulated by the FDA? People already demand antibiotics when they don't need them and raise antibiotic resistance for all of this. I shudder when even more folks buy antibiotics willy-nilly when they have viral infections and don't see a physician or nurse practitioner to stop prescribing antibiotics for them when they aren't necessary. What about dangerous drug interactions? And this list could go on and on...


Also, without professional licensing laws could patients sue for medical, nursing, dental, etc. malpractice? If it were my family or friends would I really want them treated by someone without knowing whether the health professional is a quack? What about Joint Commission Accreditation for hospitals? Sheesh, about 100,000 people die in hospitals already because of medical errors. Do you want to make it worse? 


Can you imagine the bribes paid to the media to keep the problems with St. X's hospital, or the people damaged by Dr.. Knife's surgery, etc. under the radar?


Be a Libertarian if you want to, but carve out your own state, maybe out of thinly populated parts of Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, or South Dakota (not that I have anything against these states). If your ideas work, people would flood to your state and you would have ideas the rest of us could try.

2 years, 4 months ago on 4 Steps You Can Take to Stop Obamacare Now




Hi bethk1973,


I appreciate your response. If I said that we could find private health insurance for $200/month, I made a huge mistake. The best I could find was a plan with a $1250 deductible for each of, a (thankfully) $250 generic prescription drug deductible, and an 80/20 limit on other costs up to either $7500 or $10,000 for each of us. Because of the Affordable Care Act  it does cover some preventive services like wellness visits, mammograms, etc. That would cost a little over $600/month. Basically, enough to keep us from bankruptcy but that's about it.


And COBRA in our current situation will cost us 101% of the cost of what my husband's (former) employer pays for health insurance per family or single policy. For us, that will be at least $1200/month! And that is the cost whether you made $20,000/year or over $120,000 year. I have checked.


WRT to you or anyone else providing care for us or anyone else, not too many years past we were scraping the rung of the upper-middle class. We never complained about our taxes being too high (except for local property taxes). We felt very blessed that we had worked ourselves from the working class (me) and lower middle class (husband) to finishing college and getting excellent jobs. If your family were in our shoes, I'd count it as a privilege to be able to pay taxes to help you out -- seriously. I'm also thankful for thinks like the SSI that my husband's adult cousin with Down syndrome and my nephew with health conditions (not substance abuse, BTW) that have made it impossible to either of them perform gainful attainment.


Could you please tell me where you got your information about the additional taxes and expenses related to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act? Was it from a very politically conservative source or another source that has no dog in this hunt? And what are "Obama's ridiculous policies"? Would you be a bit more specific, please? 


I do find many things our federal government spends money on very unwise and wasteful and close to being immoral. What about continuing to spend money on a war in Afghanistan that we can never win? What about the way the way the crop support system has become even more rigged to help agribusiness? What about all this corporate welfare when corporate profits continue to rise?


And on a much smaller scale, I'm all for people receiving the Social Security benefits they're entitled to. But my sister-in-law's mother-in-law received a larger Social Security check after her husband died based on his work record instead of his. She wasn't rich, but had no money worries. She tried repeatedly to ask Social Security to get her benefit check to be what it was before she lost her husband and was always told it couldn't be done. They still wouldn't do it after she showed up at one of her U.S. Senator's local office and asked them to intervene. Losing her patience, she asked them what to do. They said she could donate the difference between the 2 checks to the fund to reduce the national debt. Instead, she increased the pledge to her church to cover the difference between the two checks. I wouldn't call that policy immoral; I'd call it -- stupid.


Just to be a curmudgeon, if my husband dies before I do, and I actually have money left over when I leave for my heavenly home,  I should will a few thousand to the fund to pay off the national debt (only half kidding).


It's past my bedtime :-), but I want to say something gutting prescription laws and licensing medical providers. My goodness, do you really want to go to a pharmacy at a place like Wal-Mart where the almighty dollar would rank much than patient health and safety? Some of the doctors and medical providers who advertise locally, like a chiropractor who thinks he has the way to cure diabetes, obesity, poor eyesight, menstrual difficulties..... are already off the deep end. I couldn't imagine visiting a physician, nurse practitioner, hospital, dentist, etc., and have to rely on customer satisfaction surveys to determine that they really learned to practice their profession in some other way than finding "how-to" websites on the Internet. Heck, I wouldn't even do that for our cat, or even strays that wander into our backyard occasionally.

2 years, 4 months ago on 4 Steps You Can Take to Stop Obamacare Now


My husband and I will lose his employer-sponsored health care on 6/30/13. This has nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act. It is because he receives private long-term disability from his former employer along with the ability to keep health insurance for one year after he lost his job. 


We both have many pre-existing conditions that we would highly unlikely to get private health insurance at any cost and are in our late 50's. I need to return to work (which I planned to do anyway) because we need the income and also health insurance. Our only "out" is that if we can obtain individual private health insurance we won't have a waiting period of one year for our pre-existing conditions if we obtain the health insurance within 63 days of losing our current coverage. Even though I have a college degree I'd scrub toilets at our city university medical center, another hospital, a major employer, or the state, city, or county government for the health, dental, and vision benefits. 


For those of you who oppose the Affordable Care Act (a/k/a "Obama Care), would you still feel as you do if you were in our position? Or maybe you have been and it doesn't matter to you. If I could only bring in 30K into our household with decent benefits, we'd feel like we were in hog heaven. I'd gladly put in $200/month or so to help subsidize the cost of the health care exchanges, because I believe if we were so blessed if would be our obligation to do so.


Health care exchanges may be our only hope to obtain health insurance at an affordable cost. Contrary to what you suggest, I'm going to write our governor and let him know how disgusted I am about his refusing to set up a health care exchange in our state. 


The Supreme Court has ruled that the essential parts of the Affordable Care Act are constitutional and that's good enough for me. If they had struck it down, I'd have to live with that decision.


I have read that although Americans are ambivalent about the Affordable Care Act, they realize that our health care system is broken and needs to be fixed. I'd like to see changes in the Affordable Care Act, but I say, "mend it, not end it." For example, why isn't there a provision in the Act to train more nurse practitioners and physician assistants?  They can do much of what primary care physicians do and we'll need them because of the expected shortage of primary care physicians because of the pent-up demand for health care that people will finally obtain. Yes, there are financial issues to be addressed. But there are many wealthy in this country that do not pay what many would consider a fair share of taxes because our tax system is not progressive. Perhaps they should be taxed a little more to make this system. Heck, I'd gladly accept a slightly higher tax rate to pay for the Affordable Care Act.


I've said way too much already. Just wanted you to know that not everyone who supports the Affordable Care Act is not some sort of socialist or something. My husband and I have lived in two Great Lakes states all our lives and graduated from a Big Ten university. We aren't deadbeats. We paid off our student loans. I attend church almost every Sunday and am involved in ministry there (not a liberal mainline church BTW). I believe in being in my brother's and sister's keepers, and don't think that there are enough private charities out there that could provide needed health care (especially preventive care) for those who need it.

2 years, 4 months ago on 4 Steps You Can Take to Stop Obamacare Now