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I'd prefer to add just two schools (UNC+1) and call it quits. But if we were to go past 16, you almost have to go to 20 and play four 5 teams divisions. Play a 9 game schedule and play teams in your division plus a rotating division each year. 3 years to play each team and a 6 year cycle home and away for all teams in the conference. Best record of divisions playing each other meet in CCG or division winners play in 4 team playoff. South= Bama, Auburn, Georgia, Ole Miss, State West= LSU, A&M, Ark, Mizzou, Kentucky Central= Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, Vandy, Duke East= UNC, USC, Clemson, VT, UVA Competitively balanced divisions, but does sacrifice a number of key rivalries. Could go to a 10 game schedule and include a protected rivalry (or at large team if divisions were playing each other) if that is what consensus wanted. SEC would own college football for the foreseeable future. 4 team conference playoff would be a huge moneymaker for the conference.

2 years, 4 months ago on With Seven Schools Exiting The Big East, Get Ready For The Big Bang